10 common sex mistakes men and women hate

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Learning what your partner likes in bed can take time, and most people need a certain area of ​​trust before they start talking about their desires. Only after these stages can you realize what your partner really likes and dislikes. Of course, this may take some time, and in the meantime, your relationship may suffer. We have compiled research results revealing 10 things men and women dislike in bed for you, Elmaelma.com readers. In this way, you may have a chance to think about what your partner does not like and take early precautions. Here we go…

Relationship site IllicitEncounters.com prepared a study that asked a research group of 2,000 people, what are your likes and dislikes during sex. According to men, the biggest mistake women make in bed is not having enough sex and their reluctance to start having sex. Men also complain that women want to have sex in the dark and pretend to have an orgasm.

As for women… What women hate most about men is that they skip foreplay. The second is early orgasm and the third is rude and dirty talk.

Jessica Leoni, spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com, said: “We found that what drives people to have sex with another person is primarily a lack of sexual satisfaction at home. The main reason why both men and women are fed up with their partners is because they do not try and continue to change these basic mistakes in the bedroom. If you avoid these simple mistakes, your partner’s risk of cheating is even lower.said.

Of course, the things that men and women hate are not limited to these.

Here are 10 mistakes women make in bed, according to men.

1- Women do not initiate sexual intercourse
2- They always want to have sex in the dark
3- They pretend to have an orgasm
4- They talk too much
5- Never want to try anything new
6- Expressing what their previous lover did in bed
7- Overly thoughtful sex
8- Women are very shy
9- Men always think they are ready for sex
10- Worrying too much about how they look.

What about the things women hate in men?

1- Skip the foreplay
2- To have an orgasm first
3- Exaggerating rude speech
4- Acting cold and rude after intercourse
5- Sleeping as soon as their work is done
6- Making comments about women’s body shape
7- Making decisions against the will of the woman
8- Ignoring body language
9- Lack of emotional connection
10- Being incompetent

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