Should we say “New year = New you” or “New decade = New you”? 2020 is almost here and it’s time to make some changes in our lives. Starting a new exercise, hitting the gym, starting meditation, or making a decision to eat healthy… These are all decisions that will have a positive impact on your health! You can achieve long-term mental and physical health by making changes that will make you feel better, peaceful and happy in the new year. Feel more energetic and positive with different ways to start the day well every morning.

When you think of rituals, you may think of long ceremonies. However, the rituals we mentioned can also be realized with small changes you make in the morning. This can also happen by not pressing the ‘snooze’ button of your alarm, making a healthy breakfast or doing some exercise moves. Below are the 10 rituals we recommend you adopt in your life in 2020.


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Setting your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier may not sound like much. But starting the day with meditation has scientifically proven effects! Meditation, which increases stress and strengthens focus, makes you feel more energetic mentally and physically. If you don’t know where to start, you can find many books and videos on morning meditations online!


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The most important meal of the day is breakfast! This fact has been emphasized by both experts and dietitians for years. If you don’t have time to get out of bed and have breakfast in the morning, it’s time to change that. Studies have shown that those who eat a healthy breakfast have more daily success. Who wouldn’t want to have that brain power? Have a nutrient-packed breakfast with gluten-free muffins, wholemeal toast with avocado or egg breakfasts.


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Only 1 in 10 adults consume fruits and vegetables that should be consumed daily! Listen to your body’s needs and make a smoothie in the morning with greens like spinach, kale, and celery. Doesn’t sound very tasty, does it? But you can increase the flavor by adding ingredients such as banana, mango, coconut water to these green smoothies. If you want to create a true nutritional miracle, you can also add spices such as turmeric.


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If you’re vegetarian or vegan, we recommend taking B12 as a supplement (if you need it!), which you can’t get from meats and animal products. Since products containing B12 are limited, you may need to take it as a supplement. Low levels of B12, which is necessary for the production of red blood cells, can cause fatigue and malaise. If you’re constantly feeling low on energy, it’s time for a doctor’s checkup! Do not forget to consult your doctor and take the necessary vitamin supplements.


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We take samples from cats. If you pay attention to the movements of the cats, they are constantly stretching and lengthening their bodies. Exercises that correct your posture and accelerate blood circulation allow you to start the day fit. Short morning exercises after 7-8 hours of sleep will increase your strength and energy. If you make this a habit, you can reduce the risk of muscle injury.


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We don’t say go for a jog when you wake up in the morning! Especially in cold weather this is almost impossible for most people. But activating your body when you wake up affects your mood throughout the day. While your toast is toasting, you can activate your body and muscles with a few jumping movements. These small movements make you feel energetic by accelerating your blood circulation as well as starting the day fit.


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Are you one of those who sleep with your phone next to your pillow? Or are you looking at your phone the second you wake up? It’s time to put an end to this! Especially move your phone away from your head or put it in airplane mode. Radiation affects both your sleep patterns and your health. After turning off your alarm, try not to answer the phone until you leave the house. Many notifications may have come, but this can create stress by making you feel “what have I missed”. Keep your morning wake-up ritual for yourself and only, who shared what on Instagram, this will gain importance after a few hours.


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This! This! This! No matter how much we say, it’s not enough! It is very important to start the day by drinking a few glasses of water. This is necessary for the whole day, not just in the morning. Especially when you wake up in the morning, your body is dehydrated after a long sleep, so you should drink at least a glass of water in the first half hour of waking up.


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“I am excellent, smart, valuable and hardworking.” Don’t expect to hear these words from someone else! Create your own strength. You can raise your mood by saying these words to yourself in the mirror while getting ready in the morning. You may have a funny image, but praising yourself in front of the mirror increases your performance at work and in social life. Don’t be afraid to say your favorite things about yourself. Because the most valuable thing in the world: ourselves!


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Did you know that most of us do not breathe properly? Get as much oxygen into your body as possible by taking deep breaths before getting out of bed or standing up. Inflate your diaphragm with deep breaths through your nose, and in the meantime, think of your goals for the day, week, month or year as if they have come true. Setting realistic goals will make you more motivated and organized. By doing this with deep breathing exercises, you are ready for the day!

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