Our voluntary social isolation has been shaped as a curfew lately. Of course, this can also bore you. We were not leaving the house anyway, but the word ‘forbidden’ may be disturbing some things inside you. This is exactly why we need things to elevate our mood! Yes… We tried many cultural and productive activities to improve ourselves. But you’ve probably dropped out of the new language you’re starting to learn and your motivation for daily exercise has dwindled a bit. For this reason, we offer activities that will not force you during the quarantine process! It is important to establish a productive daily routine, but it is necessary to make room for enjoyable activities that will raise our morale from time to time. We increase the levels of personal care, both in terms of care and mental! Below you can see the quarantine recommendations that will lift your spirits…


Cleansing, toning and moisturizing… This is a familiar routine handed down from generation to generation! If you are skipping the steps of this routine in your normal life, you have much more time in your hands now! Since we have more free time in our new normal, we can focus on skin care. This routine, which will occupy your mind, is also a great way to pass the time, and your skin care is taken one step further.


Make a ‘statement’ to your quarantine life with ‘statement’ earrings! If you wear earrings every day in your normal life, do not give up this habit. One day you can take great selfies with minimal style earrings and one day. In addition to all this, you can make a fun difference in your Zoom meetings.


If you’re feeling down, take a shower right away to get rid of all the stress and anxiety. If you have a bathtub, you are even more lucky! You can create a nice atmosphere for your bubble bath with candles, oils or ‘bath bomb’ products.


The sun’s rays are showing their effect outside, but we are inside… When this is the case, we have to resort to unconventional methods to raise our mood. You can try the bronze skin you have in your summer vacation dreams with skin care products. Take your skin on a vacation by trying tanning products at home!


We are going through a difficult time so everyone says we have to be nice to ourselves. If you stayed at home following the social distance rules, you can spend your time with sweet candies. We’re sure you once wished, “I wish I could stay home and sleep.” These wishes have come true and you can sleep as much as you want for a long time. Give back your sleep debt to your body after tiring days!


Sales of hair dyes have increased tremendously! While our Instagram page is full of celebrities who dyed their hair pink or blue, we also want to try different hairstyles! Since we are taking a break from our hairdresser visits, we need to try the styles we see on social media at home. We don’t say cut your own bangs yourself! But you can have a pleasant day by trying different bun or knitting models. You can even turn it into a fun group activity by video chatting with your friends!


When was the last time we wore shoes? We don’t remember either! It’s time to add color to our lives when we have become one body with socks and slippers. Try to wear shoes that you bought before social isolation and that you did not have the opportunity to wear at home. Heels, loafers or sandals… We are sure that wearing ‘real’ shoes at home will elevate your mood.


It’s time to reveal that porcelain tea set or crystal glasses you’ve been keeping only for your special guests. Juice, coffee, tea or water… Anything you prefer to drink… Use the most fancy glass in your home for this. The easiest way to turn your home into a ‘happy hour’ party is through fancy glasses and video chat parties with your friends.


Red lipsticks can elevate your mood anytime, anywhere. You may not have washed your hair for days or you may have become inseparable with your pajamas… Whatever you are wearing at that moment, a red lipstick can change your whole mood. Maybe you have an important Zoom meeting or you have a ‘Houseparty’ party with your friends or you want to dance at home alone, your mood will change with a single red lipstick. If you normally tend towards nude or plain tones, you can try vibrant tones that you have never tried while staying at home.


Make your place as comfortable and peaceful as possible. You can light candles in your room or living room to add some zen to your life. Maybe you are doing yoga or watching TV… Beautiful and relaxing scented candles can create an aromatherapy effect in your home and relieve all the stress and anxiety on you.


Yes, you persisted and waited… You didn’t want to do it because everyone was doing it… But now the time is up! Time to make Banana Bread! Everyone makes Banana Bread, which covers your Instagram page. From our friends to celebrities, from influencers to food blogs, everyone started a love of banana cake. If you are having trouble with the recipe, you can check out the thousands of versions on social media.


It’s time to squeeze the perfume that is almost an investment and that you have been keeping with care! Moreover, scents bring back memories. The scent of this perfume, which you only use on special occasions, can take you back to those beautiful days. Squeeze your favorite perfume and wander around the house to feel more attractive and self-confident!

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