3 interesting reasons for not having an orgasm if you’re afraid of losing control…

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In order to provide a solution to the problem of not being able to orgasm, which is one of the leading sexual problems between couples, the reasons for not being able to orgasm should be investigated. The problem of not being able to orgasm, which is one of the leading sexual problems, is based on different reasons. According to the situation of people, there are many reasons such as not being able to orgasm during sexual intercourse, not speaking, losing control. If you are having trouble with orgasm in your sexual life, take a look at the following reasons, maybe these reasons are preventing you from having an orgasm.

You May Be Afraid You Don’t Have Control!

Although experts say that control is not completely lost during sexual intercourse, some couples may experience inability to have sex due to problems such as contractions and tremors during sexual intercourse. At this point, it is absolutely necessary to seek the help of an expert.

How Much Do You Communicate?

First of all, what everyone should know is that there is no button above us that knows what we want or what we like! At this point, talk to your partner about what you want or don’t want by talking about your sexual life from time to time. However, if you are one of those who are too shy when talking about such things, you can guide your partner during sexual intercourse to make them understand.

Drugs Used Affect Orgasm!

Some drugs that are used regularly or periodically can also negatively affect sexual life. If you are using drugs that reduce libido, you may experience problems such as not being able to orgasm in your sexual life.

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