4 reasons why marriage ends Don’t put romance on the shelf!

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With the short duration of marriages and the increase in the number of divorces, one of the most asked questions is ‘Why does the marriage end, what are the reasons for ending the marriage? What should be done so that the marriage does not end?’ It contains questions such as If you don’t want to be disappointed in your marriage, how about taking a look at the 4 reasons that ended the marriage we’ve put together for you? For Elmaelma.com readers, we have brought together 4 items that pave the way for risking marriage.


After the signing of the emotional times spent while we were lovers, sentimentality and romance are shelved with the thought that they belong to me anyway. In particular, this situation is one of the situations that ends the marriage and causes the couples to move away from each other! Don’t forget to focus on each other by organizing activities where you can be alone a few times a week instead of trying to experience romance after marriage for fear of doubts. Confess to why you chose each other and your initial feelings. They are two magic words, very simple to say, very deep, very meaningful, ” I love youNever erase the sentence ” from your memory and never stop saying it!


Sharing a life can bring difficult moments in marriage from time to time. No matter how big the problem is, if the person next to you is not mature and strong enough, it may cause you to slouch after a while. Marriage is like a kind of complicity. If the problems arising from the relationship are not taken to the next step without leaving the problems behind, the problems left behind create a bombshell effect in the marriage. This is one of the most important issues to consider before marriage. Relationships should of course be complementary. Both parties may have different characteristics, but if this goes towards carrying someone on your back, the bells may be ringing for you. Otherwise, a lifetime does not pass by carrying a weak person!


Just as every woman is not the same in life, no man has the same characteristics. Don’t constantly compare yourself to the person in your life by making life a prison for you because of someone who has disappointed you before. Of course, trust is the basis of a marriage, but if he constantly hits his face because of a mistake he has made, and if the size of the discussions has deepened because of this situation, the end of the marriage is near. Either you forgive everything or don’t look back! What matters is whether the situation is serious enough to choose which option or not.


As it is said in the marriage vow, ‘in good times and bad’, the person with whom you want to share life for a lifetime is also one of your closest friends. Keep in mind that you are friends as well as husband and wife!

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