5 most popular dating sites for quarantine days

We have started to spend much more time in our homes when we talk about social distance rules that have become very important due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the practices of global companies that prioritize employee health, especially the shift of desk workers to work from home, and periodic curfews. It is very important for us to protect our health not to leave the house except for our essential needs. So, what will happen to our fidgety interior with the arrival of spring? We can hear your sigh. The numbers show this too.

According to the statement of social networking platform Bumble, usage rates continue in line with seasonal trends and the numbers are stable. It even states that it has seen a 21% increase in messages sent nationally and in the use of voice and video calls. Tinder, which is very popular in Turkey, also announced at the beginning of April that there was a 10-15% increase in daily messaging in the USA compared to the previous week.

According to the statement made by the dating comparison site Lovinos, more than 22 million people have registered on dating sites across Turkey. However, these figures are before the corona virus pandemic. Contrary to popular belief, male and female ratios are not unequal. According to the results obtained from the most popular dating sites, the rate of use of dating sites is 51% vs 49%. So men outnumber women by only a small margin. So how do you find the right dating site? We have made a list for you in line with your needs.

1. Tinder

tinder gold

The feature of putting what you like to the right and what you don’t like to the left, which is used by many dating sites, was first used in Tinder. We got Tinder to the top of the list, but don’t think it’s our favourite. Tinder, which is very popular in Turkey as well as all over the world as a result of its ease of use and prevalence, is somewhat superficial compared to its alternatives. Tinder, which lost its user profile when it first came to Turkey and has unfortunately become a mobile application preferred by people looking for short relationships, has recently opened web access to compete with its competitors.

To use the application, you need to connect with Facebook or your phone number. Thus, the possibility of encountering people who are on your Facebook friend list is eliminated. However, Tinder, which does not question the authenticity of the Facebook profile, does not offer a very safe environment in this sense.

Although it shows members based on location, you can even set them beyond 300 km if you wish. With Plus and Gold options, you can throw more people to the right. Because normally there is a limit for likes. However, people who do not want to miss any living creature, throwing everyone to the right without looking in the application, such a limitation has been introduced. They throw everyone to the right, then eliminate the ones they don’t like… Plus and Gold options also offer features such as bringing back the profile you accidentally threw to the left, seeing those who like you and highlighting your profile on popular watches.

2. Istanbul.net

istanbul net

One of the creators of location-based dating sites and turned over its 16th year Editor-controlled verified profiles . This not only makes you feel safer while navigating the site, but also prevents fraud etc. It offers an infrastructure that protects its users against issues. Thanks to being a local application, the dating site Istanbul.net , which interprets the sensitivities of Turkish people very well , also has many test questions that allow you to get to know the person in front of you better.

The fact that Istanbul.net provides Turkish service , which shows your compatibility with the user when you visit a profile, and allows you to see its basic features at once, enables users to use the site very comfortably. In Istanbul.net, where membership is free like other sites, you can highlight your profile with in-app purchases and send gifts to the member you like. The site has both web and mobile support. You can also log in from the app or from the mobile site.

Our related news: 3. OkCupid

okcupid 3

Founded in 2004 OkCupid is a global platform for millions of people in over 110 countries around the world on different criteria such as gender, sexual orientation, race and religion. In line with this, it is a pioneer in meeting each other. The most important feature of the New York-based company is that it asks users very detailed and point-to-point questions about real-life issues such as their beliefs, interests and preferences, and thanks to its algorithm, it offers users the most suitable match for them.

Another important feature of OkCupid, which has a considerable user base in Turkey, is that it includes 22 types of genders and 13 different sexual orientations in profile creation options against gender roles. While people find it quite revolutionary, the Harvard founders simply call it “time.” In other words, while creating your profile, you do not only identify yourself as a woman, a man or a gay person; you can define as transgender, asexual, homosexual, bisexual, heteroflexible, pansexual, sapiosexual, fluid gender or gender-fluid. In this sense, OkCupid opens up different worlds for you.

In practice, as with Tinder, neither party initiates messaging without sending likes to each other. The only obstacle to the widespread use of the “dating” application in Turkey is that it does not offer a Turkish language option. However, if you have a beginner level of English, you can easily fill in the basic knowledge fields.

4. The Inner Circle

the inner circle 2

The Inner Circle is one of the applications caught in Covid-19 while its purpose is to socialize and party. The feature of the social network partner application, which aims to bring together young professionals living in the same region, is that it can only be entered by invitation and a confirmation mechanism is needed after logging in. In order to extend your membership, you need to be a reference to another person. The membership extension fee is also extremely remarkable.

You are required to use your Facebook or LinkedIN profile to log in to The Inner Circle. So you can’t say “this is my photo, this is my features” and dive headlong with your shoes. Your profile is reviewed first. In this sense, there is no “fake” profile inside. Of course, as in every application, there are many “own bosses” here, but not as much as Tinder…

At the beginning of the review before logging into The Inner Circle, there is also whether you have been blocked from another dating application before. . The team, which attaches great importance to user complaints and responds in a very short time, does not allow membership without photos and egg profiles. Sanctions against profiles that cause problems, annoyance and harassment are very fast. Another feature that will please both men and women is that it shows not only those who send you likes and winks, but also people who browse your profile. But of course, you can make yourself “invisible” if you want. The difference from other applications is that both parties do not need to like each other in order to send a message.

5. Hawaya

hawaya turkiye

Hawaya brings together men and women who are looking for their ideal partner and intend to establish a lasting union, accompanying them in their first steps towards a serious relationship. Hawaya; By being with those who want to find their “life partner” beyond meeting, it brings them closer to a serious relationship step by step.

Hawaya authenticates all its members using a “selfie verification” system. Thus, it prevents the creation of fake profiles. Hawaya, which attaches great importance to privacy, offers a “blur” option for people who do not want to show their profile photo in the first place. With this option, the profile photo is only shown to people with whom it is connected. Hawaya also has a “witness” option for users to feel comfortable and safe. Users who activate this option can involve a trusted friend or family member in the process, and receive feedback and advice from them. At the same time, the “private mode” option in the application allows matched people to give each other their full attention.

The application stuck in the Covid-19 pandemic in Turkey: Happn

Happn, which Turkish people started to use with great enthusiasm, is one of the applications that faced the Covid-19 barrier. Because Happn’s motto is “find the people you cross paths with”. With Happn on the road, at the cinema, at a party or at work… If there are people who use the app, you are given the opportunity to see them. However, in this period when everyone is closed to their homes, Happn cannot be among our recommendations…

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