5 Reasons for Cheating

Kayla Knopp, a clinical psychologist at the University of Denver, stated in an important study that there are 5 strong reasons for cheating. These are:

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1. Low commitment to the relationship

The decrease in communication and sharing between couples in a relationship also destroys the bond of love. The inability to have anything to share between them causes a coldness in their relationship. Deception occurs as a result of liking the attention they receive from others.

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2. Decreased sexuality

As a result of the decrease in love due to not experiencing sexuality and certain feelings and hormones simultaneously with your partner, cheating can occur both sexually and emotionally.

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3. Excessive extroversion

Spouses’ excessive interest in the outside through social media or face-to-face and the fact that they spend less time together cause them to distance themselves from each other and decrease their love bonds.

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4. Tolerant attitude towards cheating

The belief that cheating should not be exaggerated, that there is no need to exaggerate, that these are normal events, increases the tendency of the brain to cheat over time.

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5. Being in a social environment that approves and supports cheating

causes a normalization process of negativity in the brain due to the fact that friends, movies and social media posts show approaches that support cheating.

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