5 things men like in women

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Would you like to impress the man you like and drag him into your attraction? So get ready! As “High Heels” editors, we asked the men around us what they liked in women. We share with you the secrets from the men’s world now!

I love being a superhero for women!

Ahmet: Of course, we all like strong women who can stand on their own feet. However, I want to feel like a superhero sometimes! It makes me happy when he consults me when buying a new cell phone, asks when he will change the winter tires on his car, and even asks me to open the jar. To me, it means using the balanced power of men and women in life. Dear women, take a step to deal with life but let us take action for you!

I like women who smell floral and fresh!

Tolga: Actually, I’m speaking on behalf of all men right now: We love women who smell clean and good! Floral and fresh perfume scent really impresses us. I have to admit: Sometimes, I’ve had women that I’ve been fascinated by just by their scent. So my advice is this: Dear women! Take time for yourself to take a quick shower and smell fresh and good all day long. You will definitely get your reward from us men.

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I like women who smile sincerely!

Barış: I need a woman who sincerely smiles as I run between busy work life, traffic and responsibilities. It makes me forget all the tiredness of the day and makes me feel refreshed. Frankly, you don’t even need special surprises. When she sees me, her eyes sparkle and she smiles, ‘How are you?’ Even the fact that he asks it affects me a lot.

I like cultured women who develop themselves!

Honor: I like women who push themselves forward as life goes on. The fact that he likes a different type of music, follows the events in the city, and has a writer that he is passionate about impresses me. At the end of the day, I want to be with a woman I can talk to, learn from, and have fun with. It would be great to hear from him that the new episode of the series we watched together has been released.

I like women who give a dose of compliments!

Women want to be noticed and appreciated. You are right! But we also need special attention. I’m not talking about being praised all the time, but getting enough compliments makes me very happy. I want to hear that my perfume smells good, that he likes the gift I bought him, that my shirt suits him. A dose of compliments every day, I think every man likes. Am I not right? It hurts my ego for a woman who is special to me to say sweet words to me.

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