5 tips for those who have a winter wedding

It is important to plan weddings, one of the most special days in the lives of couples. It is necessary to consider all the details, from the concept of the wedding, the menu, the invitation, the color of the decor and the lighting scheme to illuminate. Also, if the wedding will be in winter, your responsibility will double. Despite the cold weather outside, you need to create an inviting atmosphere at the wedding venue that will warm your guests.

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Planning a couple’s dream wedding may take more time than you think. In addition, while organizing the wedding, many small details and mishaps may occur. 5 suggestions that will help you be prepared for the problems that may arise:

1) When choosing a venue, pay attention to winter traffic and parking facilities
Wedding planning starts with determining the venue. Choosing the venue for winter weddings is also important due to the weather conditions and increased traffic in the winter months. The most important factor is that the place is easily accessible in harsh weather conditions in winter. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the guests do not walk in cold weather or even under rain or snow to enter the venue, and that there are suitable parking conditions in front of the venue you choose when coming to the wedding, so that the traffic is not blocked.

2) In the winter of 2017, simplicity and naturalness come to the fore in the wedding theme
After the wedding venue is determined, it’s time for the theme. While evaluating the theme options such as traditional, modern, cultural, you can adjust the decoration and colors according to the theme. The colors that will create a warm atmosphere in winter weddings can be combined with the simplicity and naturalness trend in 2017 wedding themes. While choosing the wedding themes, the colors and decorations should be in harmony with each other, from the wedding dress to the make-up, and the flowers to be chosen should complement the theme.

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3) Warm touches in menu selection
In winter weddings, menus and presentations require special care. Red meats can be preferred instead of white meats such as chicken and fish, and hot desserts are indispensable for winter weddings. A section should be arranged where guests can get coffee and tea. Also, the presence of a heated smoking area makes guests very comfortable. In addition, knowing whether there are guests who are vegan, vegetarian or allergic to gluten is one of the important details in the menu selection. The wedding menu should include at least three stages, consisting of a starter, main course and cake, and most importantly, a tasting should be done while choosing the menu.

4) Light, sound and music should be in harmony for an unforgettable wedding
Choosing the right lighting reveals the theme and all the decorations at the wedding. Among the factors that make a wedding unforgettable are the harmony of light, sound and music. In addition, lighting and light are the most basic elements for photography. Quality lighting should be preferred in order to have beautiful photographs that will remain memories from your wedding for many years. Lighting, music, dance, intro, sound effects and photographs should be rehearsed beforehand. In winter weddings, light also plays a critical role in providing the warm appearance of the space.

5) A critical detail in winter weddings: Cloakroom
In summer weddings, it may not be very important whether there is a cloakroom service at the venues, but when it comes to a winter wedding, the venue must have a large cloakroom. and he shouldn’t have to wait in line and waste too much time finding his coats. In order to avoid any unpleasantness or confusion in this matter, it is necessary to give maximum importance to the cloakroom service.

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