6 big lies about divorce

6 big lies about divorce, When we get married, none of us think that we will get divorced one day, because marriage is a promise made “until death do us part”. Being together forever is sometimes impossible as life is constantly changing. Marriages can also be affected by this change in life, and these effects are not always positive.

6 big lies about divorce

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Despite trying everything, some problems may remain unresolved. Maybe you are being abused , you are being manipulated or just your personalities are changing in different directions. Whatever the reason, sometimes marriages don’t work out. Even so, especially

There is only one right person for all of us

This is a problematic belief in many ways. Believing that there is only one right person for all of us causes us to get stuck with one person and life, for reasons beyond our control. Although it is very nice to believe in the right person and marry that person, there are definitely other right people out there. Also, marriage is about making a mutual promise, being able to act together for the same life goals, not finding the perfect person.

You can’t find anyone after this age

One of the most heard things around the divorce period is that you can’t find anyone suitable for you after this age. But there is no age limit to find love or romance . There is no such thing as being late to find happiness. Being wrong once helps you learn lessons for the future, make better decisions, and find better for yourself. You have to learn not to hear those who say that you are too old for these things.

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Divorce indicates failure

It’s not just a big lie, it’s a pretty common societal belief. Divorce is not a sign that you have failed in marriage. On the contrary, being able to end a marriage is a sign of how brave you are . Divorce is not a sign of failure, but a sign that you’re in control of your life.

You lose your whole life

You may think you will lose your friends, status, social life . In a way, this is not wrong at all. Everyone’s story is different, of course, but something will definitely change in your life. You may lose some friends, but you will learn who is your true friend. Your economic situation may change and this may also mean that your status will change. You don’t know what awaits you. But maybe you can find a new career you love, travel new places, meet new people, change in a way you never knew was possible before.

kadin arkadas mutsuz depresyon
Children are very upset

Separation processes are not easy for children. However, with love and support, you can make them resilient. Divorce doesn’t mean you will neglect your children, you just need to talk openly with them and tell some things honestly. No one says divorce is easy, but staying in an unhappy marriage is also not good for your children.

Now you will always be alone

Yes, maybe you will be alone for a while, but is loneliness really that bad? You’ve been married for a while and let’s face it, you don’t have a clue about loneliness anymore. But this is one of the thoughts imposed on us. Loneliness is bad but if it’s not your own choice. If you have an unhappy and hurtful relationship , being alone may be a much better option. At least you have many new life options at your disposal.

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