6 S rules to protect the heart on Valentine’s Day

Hormones have a say in love, because it’s not love that blinds us, it’s our hormones. However, it should not be forgotten that the road to healthy love and heart passes through love. While love adds life to our lives, jealousy shortens it. We, as Pudra.com, draw attention to the 6 S rules that protect the heart this Valentine’s Day.

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Love, which makes butterflies fly in our hearts and surprises us with excitement, is actually a game of hormones, not the heart. However, our hearts are as fragile as glass. Broken heart syndrome causes even death, while love and love prolong life. Saying that the best activity to do on February 14 is to take care of our hearts and win the hearts of our loved ones, Bayındır İçerenköy Hospital specialist doctors gave important information about the path to the chemistry of love and our heart, the symbol of love.

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Timur Timurkaynak says the following on the subject: Don’t let the broken heart syndrome upset your heart!

Our heart, due to diseases

The 6 S rule that protects the heart

1. LOVE! Because bad thoughts tire your heart too!

iliski ask evlilik hediye cicek yildonumu sevgili mutlu cift istock 55909690 Love warms our hearts, heals our hearts. Today we know that animosity, jealousy and bad feelings shorten our lives. Such feelings tire our hearts due to the changes in our hormonal system. Being loving, tolerant and forgiving is indispensable for our health as it brings peace. In a peaceful person, it is possible to live a long and healthy life as stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisone, which tire the heart, are not released. Stress and bad emotions cause serious side effects on our heart, as if one of our arteries was blocked and we had a heart attack. After sudden sadness and stress, “broken heart” syndrome develops and we enter a severe heart failure. For this reason, love must be indispensable in our life.

2. HEALTHY EATING. Add color and love to your kitchen.

ask iliski cift mutlu romantik mutfak yemek Information on nutrition is quite abundant and confusing. Written and social media give a lot of information about this subject, but its reliability is not clear, and we are constantly confused. In fact, when we look at the medical literature, we see that there is no miraculous food.

No food should be overloaded and we should consume every healthy food in reasonable amounts. When we say healthy food, we are talking about foods that are grown in natural environments and traditional methods, without additives.

There is no miraculous food, but the medical literature says that the Mediterranean – Aegean cuisine has a miraculous effect in terms of heart health. Our country is very lucky in terms of this cuisine and Turkish people should use this chance very well. This kitchen, rich in all kinds of greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish, olives, olive oil, walnuts and hazelnuts, is the only kitchen that extends life.

3. SPORT. The secret of a loving and long-lasting heart is sports!

fitness trendleri spor egzersiz kadin erkek spor salonu It is an indisputable fact that sports are indispensable for a long and healthy life. When I say sports, I don’t necessarily mean doing sports in gyms, all kinds of movements, brisk walking in the open air (as many steps as you can take a day), swimming in the summer and being active during the day actually mean sports. Those who work in the office all day should use the stairs instead of the elevator. We must make excuses not for laziness but for constant action. On the way to our home or work, we can get off one stop earlier and walk.

A common complaint from my patients is as follows: “Sir, I am 78 years old, I am tired even when I am walking around the house, I am always weak and tired, but my friend of the same age walks 5 kilometers every day, why can’t I walk?” The reason is very simple: People who have been doing sports since their youth are active until their 100s. If sports are not a part of our life, after a while, our bodies begin to betray our ageless spirit. For the health of the heart, brain and body, sports should be indispensable in our life. Sport is the enemy of all evil. Sports protect weight, lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, protect our muscle strength, keep us active even in our 80s and protect us from heart disease.

4. RESPONSIBILITY! Help, be peaceful.

cift mutlu sevgili ask romantizm ev kedi evcil hayvan To me, the sense of responsibility actually means a disciplined life. Fulfilling our responsibilities towards ourselves, our health, family, work and society remains one of the hidden secrets of long life, as it nourishes our souls. Particularly, participating in social responsibility projects feeds our hearts and souls and makes us a better person. Being a good person also helps us to relax our conscience and find peace, so it warms our hearts and helps us live longer.

5. ART. Feed your heart with art.

Engaging in a branch of art or attending events such as concerts, exhibitions and theater at least once a week relaxes and keeps our hearts alive in terms of both getting rid of the stress and routine of daily life and benefiting from the healing power of art.

sanat galeri muze etkinlik

We must remember that life is not just a routine process between work and home, it is much more satisfying when we enrich it with art. In fact, life consists of things that we can fit between work and sleep. Let’s make art a part of our lives. Let’s not ignore the positive effects on our hearts.

6. TRIP. Rediscover yourself.

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We are all so caught up in our daily hustle and bustle that we think we are indispensable for the work we do. However, cemeteries are full of people who think they are indispensable. Travel is one of the most important ways to lift our heads from our over-emphasized jobs and be reborn and discover ourselves. By traveling and observing the world, we actually update ourselves. Enriching our soul, brain and heart by seeing new cultures, people, cuisines and cities, even for a short time, is a total health doping.

Psychiatrist Dr. Esra Uğurlu Koçer, on the other hand, makes the following statements about our heart health and the chemistry of love on February 14 Valentine’s Day:

“Love is the most indescribable feeling that a person can taste throughout his life, it captures not only the heart but also the brain and body. It is in the brain of the person who is in love. It’s almost like a hormone storm. First dopamine, which gives pleasure and pleasure, then serotonin, which gives happiness, and then the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for ‘addiction’, begins to secret. With the activation of the ’empathy’ part of the brain, no flaws in great love are visible. Thus, ‘love is blind.’ ‘ ceases to be a mere phrase and turns into a scientific reality.

Love can be defined as a feeling that has been felt for years and believed to change the whole meaning of life when it is found. And he surrenders to this feeling with a sense of devotion. There are usually no preferences. It continues as a situation experienced when it comes to power, like ‘what comes to hand’.”

Love hormone is equal, the spiral of love

Love is not only emotional but also physiological. It is a process. Changes occur in the behavior of the person who falls in love. Physiological processes determine these changes. Love is a source of pleasure for the human brain. This system is activated by the release of dopamine (DA), which is closely related to reward (pleasure, pleasure). With dopamine This related system also causes a decrease in serotonin (the happiness hormone). At the same time, with the release of oxytocin, which is known as the ‘love hormone’, the binding mechanism comes into play. Similar mechanisms work in addicted people.

Hormones make butterflies in the stomach blows away

ask cift sevgili iliski Behavioral changes begin to be seen in the person who is in love.First of all, there is an increase in energy. Especially when meeting the person he/she loves, palpitations, tremors in the hands, insomnia, loss of appetite appear.

Just like addicts, when he is away from his love, he falls into deprivation, becomes obsessed and starts to act quickly and uncontrollably to reach her as soon as possible. These uncontrolled movements also make it easier to make mistakes.

In other words, the happy energy increase at the beginning of love leaves its place to a restless energy increase after a while. In addition, the amygdala region in the human brain is the most important area associated with threat. The amygdala starts to work less if you’re around the person you’re in love with, thus bringing peace to your love life in the beginning (albeit for a short time).

Hormones are mentioned in love

Some parts of the brain (medialfrontal areas) are directly related to empathy. When we fall in love, our tolerance towards the other person increases so much that we begin to ignore their mistakes and become closed to criticism about them. As a result, our tolerance towards other people around us decreases. Whatever he says is true, everything he does is normal. In other words, ‘love is blind’ in a sense.

The peace that love brings does not last with high energy and motivation at the beginning. After a while, the person needs this energy to decrease in order to continue his normal life. The person who passes these processes in a healthy way continues his life in peace. In other words, a healthy love enables human beings to complete their evolution, in a sense, to evolve without being overturned in their life cycle.

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