7 fun questions for a first date

The first meeting takes place with mutual questions in order to get to know the other person better. Since these questions are mostly the same, the meeting becomes boring and the rote answers make it difficult for you to understand the character of the other person.

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The online dating application happn, which allows you to find people you cross paths with, has prepared 7 questions ideal for a first date. Here are our fun first date survey questions… Here you go, ask, don’t hesitate!

1. What’s on your to-do list before you die?
This question reveals the dreams of the other person about life. Moreover, if the answer he gives is suitable for you, your chance to realize this dream together increases. For some, this may be interesting experiences such as skydiving, climbing Everest, or safari, while for others, it may be a work-related dream, such as opening a dream restaurant. Who knows, maybe you can meet a benefactor who has goals such as building a school/hospital.

2. What is the ideal vacation for you?
Can’t someone who can think of nothing but the sea, sun and sand trio when it comes to vacation, can’t get along with someone whose ideal holiday is to watch a match/series at home? Of course they agree, but it is useful to know this from the beginning. Vacation isn’t everything, but you know what they say, you know your friend best on a vacation or a trip. Therefore, it is useful to know the holiday concept of the other person from the beginning.

3. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Everyone has gone a little crazy in their time, but it may not be easy to explain it, especially on a first date. While these memories are sometimes fun, sometimes there are situations where we find ourselves in a difficult situation. However, if he enjoys telling about his craziness and makes you laugh, it means you have a confident and fun person, wait for you, order another drink.

4. What do you think is the ideal pet, cat or dog?
We seem to hear you say what does having a pet have to do with relationships. Pet preference tells a lot more about a person than you might think. Cat owners accept them as they are and give them space to live freely. Dogs, on the other hand, are preferred by those who have a high sense of responsibility and like to live a disciplined life. If he chooses interesting pets such as hamsters, turtles, parrots and not both, it is possible that he is a tolerant person who loves people with their differences. So, how tolerant are you to feeding hamsters?

5. What would you do first if the lottery came out tomorrow?
Okay, we know that everyone donates some of the money first… But what we’re really wondering is what you plan to do with the portion you set aside for yourself. If you come up with ideas such as getting into the real estate business, getting a taxi license plate, you are facing a complete financier. If you got answers such as buying a boat, traveling the world, you are an adventurous dreamer. You might ask yourself this question first and think about what you would actually do. If you have given similar answers this could be a Crush.

6. If you had to live in the same season, which would you choose?
Some of us are winter people, they are not happy when it snows, some of us like summer, and we almost count the days to wear sandals, fluffy dresses, shorts. If your partner is a winter person, make room for a ski holiday or Cappadocia under the snow on your calendar. If you’ve met a summer person, you can plan to go to outdoor movie screenings and festivals together.

7. Do you prefer team sports or individual sports?
The sport we are interested in can give clues about our communication with people. For example, those who prefer to play in team sports such as basketball, football and baseball have strong communication skills. It is part of the natural flow of life for them to act as a team, to divide the work, to get help and help while doing a job. If your partner likes team spirit, cooking together can be an enjoyable activity for you. Sports branches such as tennis, shooting, swimming and running are preferred by those who have a leader spirit and like to do a job alone. If you have crossed paths with such a person, strong characters standing on their own feet will attract his attention.

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