7 rules of love

Women are love itself. As one’s mother, daughter, sister, and lover, we are capable of instilling love in the hearts of men . We have tremendous power. This is actually an important task for us women. We just need to know what is necessary for ourselves first and discover our self .

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Who are we really? How did we get to this point? Are we living our own life or someone else’s?

Most of us do not fully discover who we are until we experience distressing events. We cannot face the truth without entering into difficult relationships, committing to someone who will harm us, and hitting rock bottom. Sometimes when we are in these situations, we can throw ourselves out with all our strength, but sometimes it takes years to discover that power within us. Often times this is the hardest thing we do in our lives.

We choose an object of desire for ourselves and let it drag us to the bottom. Taking a step back and giving up is getting harder as time goes on. But there is a power within you that you are not even aware of. You may not know it’s there, but it’s been with you for years like a loyal soldier. Only this power can help you to get rid of the bonds that hurt you and to heal.

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Connecting right is possible and definitely worth it. True bond will not suffocate you and leave you in the fog. The moment you truly want to give up or experience disappointment you will know there is another way.

The path of devotion is an exercise and like any other exercise it takes dedication and repetition to master. But the nice thing about it is that if you learn how to play, magical things can happen.

Here are the 7 rules of the relationship game…

Slow down and listen
Relationships are a crucible for healing
Body alchemy fever, any painful, Stay connected
There is only one truth required for relationships to be effective and work, to have the courage to stay in the game no matter what . Don’t be discouraged by anything other than being abused. Whatever happens, keep staying in and connecting so that you see what happens in the end and get your reward.

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Love yourself first
You cannot expect someone else to value you unless you value yourself. Learn to be alone with yourself and enjoy it. No one is more special than you, discover your own strength, realize that you can be happy alone. Keep in mind that you can be loved without giving up on your values, beliefs, and ideas.

Improve communication
There is always a way inside obstacles too. If you’re feeling angry, withdrawn, or misunderstood, it may be because you didn’t communicate or share something. Saying things out loud is the only way to break them down and improve the relationship. Don’t be afraid to confess.

True power is in surrender
Letting things go makes you stronger. Take a deep breath and let every part of you relax completely. All those complex problems that seem impossible from the outside to be solved are much less scary from the inside. Accept differences
Love is acceptance. Learning to accept the person you love with all their differences and not trying to change it gives you peace . Besides, the best teams are made up of people with different strengths. You don’t have to look alike, but you can complement each other.

Remember, love is an endless game and if played right, there is no reason to lose.

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