8 activity suggestions to do at home

Our topic is clear: activities that can be done at home! Because, as part of the corona virus measure, we are staying at home. We can resort to activities that can be done at home to avoid boredom.

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We, as the editors of ‘ High Heels ‘, share with you the activities we apply in our own lives. We wish you a healthy and enjoyable day.

  1. You can do hair care at home

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Our hair always needs care. While you are at home, you can take care of your hair with herbal or cosmetic products. Our favorite are coconut oil or yeast masks for hair care.

  1. You can dress smart as you go out

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Let’s face it, most of us At the moment we are sitting at home in pajamas. However, this makes us lazy after a while. It negatively affects our mood. To increase motivation, you can prepare as if you are going out and be stylish at home.

  1. You can have love during quarantine days

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You can turn it into enjoyable moments. You can try different positions and have sex longer than usual. Don’t worry, we have ideas for that!

  1. Activities that can be done at home: Sports

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If you are curious about eating out of boredom and do not want to gain weight, home gym exercises are for you! Thanks to the exercises you can do with your own body weight, both increase the hormones of happiness and maintain your form.

  1. You can organize a movie night

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We all have internet at home. You can watch movies from Youtube, Netflix and movie sites. Of course, it is useful to choose hopeful, cheerful and entertaining movies to protect your psychology. For example, you can watch romantic comedy movies during this period.

  1. Activities to do at home: Book

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I buy it on time and read it one day We are at the right moment for the books you mentioned! You can even start the library cleaning. You can read about personal development, novels with happy endings, or a topic that interests you.

  1. You can get free tarot reading

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Among the activities that can be done at home, ‘High On our ‘Heels’ women’s portal we have tarot readings that we offer for free. You can do this to spend your time fun.

  1. You can draw angel cards for positive energy

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Positive energy as of the current period We need messages that contain words. The angel cards section on our ‘High Heels’ women’s site does this beautifully.

We have more happiness and activity suggestions!

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