Advice for women who can’t orgasm

First of all, you should put your worries about sex out of your mind. Because anxiety will limit your limits when it comes to sex. You can start by rejecting in your mind the laws and myths that society imposes that prohibit or suppress sexuality.

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Focus yourself on achieving orgasmic sensations during sex. The expected action will simply come by itself.

In order to experience orgasm and have a more productive sexual life, you should not neglect what you need to do in your daily life. These are:

1) Watch what you eat

Having a healthy body affects both your libido and your hormones. From a general point of view, limited sugar consumption, a diet with enough protein and healthy fats will keep your hormones at the ideal level for orgasm. Foods such as greasy chips, hamburger and pizza affect your sex life badly.

Since anti-depressants, birth control pills or other drugs may lower your libido and change your hormone balance, you may consult your doctor to replace the drugs you take with their equivalents. At the same time, the inability to orgasm during sexual intercourse can cause a feeling of tension and inadequacy.

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2) Body work
In order to have an orgasm, the free flow of neurons between the genital area and the brain must be maintained.

In particular yoga is a great way to open such jams and connect the orgasmic energy to the body. If you can’t do yoga, you can also do simple stretches at home.

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3) Get rid of stress
Stress causes the body to produce cortisol. Cortisol also suppresses all the happiness hormones that will provide sexual arousal. In particular, it affects the muscles that allow you to orgasm.

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4) Masturbation
At least three times a week, engage in some form of self-exploration diet. First, just focus on how you feel. Notice what thoughts come to your mind. Then experience how long you can stay stimulated in this way and pay attention to what happens in your body as you do so.

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6. Get help
If you find it difficult to discover yourself, consult an expert who can provide you with sexuality education.

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Besides all that, remember that your body knows very well what it’s supposed to do, you just help it practice.

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