Are all men really the same?

Perhaps the reason why we are alone, problems in our relationships, and fear of relationships is perhaps our prejudices. Once we’ve been cheated on, we think every man will cheat, if we’re with a jealous man, we might think it’s the way men show love. Also, when stereotypical thoughts from the environment are added to these , the probability of getting to know someone new and starting a relationship may decrease. Here are the prejudices you need to get rid of in order to have a happy relationship…

Every man cheats

Most women agree that men cheat. But does this general judgment mean that we will be deceived in every relationship? Are we going to live every relationship with this paranoia ? Of course not. Although it sounds like an urban legend to most of us, there are men who don’t cheat. A man who will put his ego aside and love you will not consider being with another woman. Or at least when he thinks about it, he’ll have the courage to end the relationship honestly.

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Men only think sexy

‘Does he want a serious relationship or only see me for sex? ‘ question comes to mind from time to time. Because we all believe that men’s priority is sex. But this is not the right way of thinking. Men, like us, have expectations from relationships such as love , respect , commitment . Of course, sex is important, but they know that a healthy relationship cannot be built on it alone. If there is a man who only sees you for sex and avoids seeing you in social life, you should start looking for someone who truly values ​​you instead of blaming all men.

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They are afraid of marriage

We’ve all heard complaints like ‘I can’t convince my girlfriend to marry, I’ve been waiting for years solitaire or she has no intention of marrying me’ . We generally think that men should be persuaded into marriage. However, the truth of the matter is not so. It’s just that their view of marriage is a little different from us women. When we fall in love, we ignore many things and immediately start dreaming of marriage . For men, it has nothing to do with love, it’s all a matter of timing. There comes a time when every man, regardless of the person in his life, will feel ready for marriage. This is usually related to a family feeling the power to take responsibility. So instead of complaining that my girlfriend doesn’t want to get married, you can offer her a life where you share responsibilities.

Men don’t like romantic lovemaking

It’s true that men believe the sex myths they learn from porn and expect it in real life. In fact, most of them have fantasies that we can’t understand… But that doesn’t mean that men can’t enjoy romantic sex. It would be wrong to say that women only like romantic lovemaking. Both we and men can have different expectations from sexuality according to our mood. You just might need to give him some guidance. Every man enjoys romantic lovemaking when he sees it would be most enjoyable to massage, choose the spoon position, or initiate foreplay before he even gets home.

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The loving man gets jealous

The subject that brings the end of many relationships: jealousy. It is difficult to deal with a jealous man, and it can even cause serious problems in your life in later dimensions. However, many of us believe that jealousy is about loving. We think that a man who does not interfere with the places we go, the clothes we wear, the people we meet does not love us. However, the relationship is built on respect and love, and the person who loves trusts the other person . So put aside this prejudice and enjoy being with a man who respects your life.

Men can’t live alone

We women love to think men need us. ‘She can’t even eat without me, she can’t go shopping alone, this house would be ruined without me.’ We almost proudly form the sentence. However, the reason for this is not because the man in front of you is devoted to you, but because he wants to put the responsibility of his life on you. Probably the man who has been cherished by his mother all his life expects the same from you. But the thing is, men can live alone too. You just have to show that you have to do it.

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