Before starting a new relationship post-pandemic…

While the Covid-19 epidemic affected the whole world, it also changed the outlook and expectations of many of us. We are looking for the right person to share life with, get through good and bad days together, and build a happy life. In the table where the new rule of social distance is valid, the first steps on the way to marriage are taken through online serious relationship applications. Hawaya, a marriage-oriented serious relationship application that ranks first in the most downloaded applications in the category of relationship application in Turkey, has announced the relationship secrets of our new normals.

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With the pandemic, we realized how precious every minute of our life is and we don’t even have a second to waste it. So much alone time at home alone has shown us that this life is beautiful when shared. We will do this with the person who will hold our hand, fill our hearts and make butterflies fly in our stomachs, with whom we will spend our lives. However, there is no circle of friends, cafes, and accustomed meeting areas like before the pandemic. These dating conditions, which were difficult even in the past, became even more difficult with the introduction of the pandemic into our lives and left their place to the first steps taken in serious relationship practices.

However, it is possible to start a new relationship and be happy after the pandemic. Because there are many relationship-oriented applications with many years of experience.

This news may interest you:

1. Give confidence!

Trusting the other person ensures that a relationship is built on solid foundations. In the relationship, both parties must show that they give the necessary value to each other. However, since you do not know the other person before starting a relationship, the application you use should provide you with this trust. Because for people who are looking for a serious relationship, trust is of great importance in the first steps.

Hawaya, a marriage-oriented serious relationship application, authenticates with the ‘Selfie Verification’ system, so you can be sure of the authenticity of the person you are talking to. At the same time, with the ‘Special Mode’ option that Hawaya offers, it takes your match to the next level and allows you to give your full attention only to each other.

2. Be respectful, self-sacrificing and conscientious

We all know how important mutual respect is in a relationship, but especially when we have experienced such a huge epidemic, the respect we should show to each other’s lives and preferences is of greater importance. Approaching more selflessly and conscientiously during this period will be effective in the progress of your relationship with sure steps.

3. Be a good friend, you made him say “I’m with my best friend”.

As you step on the road to marriage, you should keep in mind that you will spend your life together. Therefore, your life partner should also be your best friend. Imagine that your best friend, with whom you can have fun together, talk until the morning, share your happiest moments, overcome your sorrows, is also your spouse, can you imagine a better future than that?

4. Pay attention to your communication language, because a solid relationship is based on solid communication…

Communication is a very important element in determining the seriousness of your relationship and building its foundations on solid foundations. For this reason, you should make sure that you communicate correctly when writing from serious relationship platforms on the way to marriage you choose. Your spoken language and communication will be very important for the development of your relationship.

5. Look for the middle points…

Relationships are not always easy, they have some difficulties, such as combining two different lives and establishing a common life. Therefore, both sides will have to make sacrifices at some points. There’s just one thing you need to pay special attention to here, make sure that both parties show this dedication equally, not just one side. Now that you have learned the secrets of the new normal relationship, all you have to do is take the first steps to establish your serious marriage-oriented relationship.

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