Choosing colors to look attractive to the opposite sex

The choice of tones suitable for you in every detail, from your hair color to the colors you use in make-up, to your choice of accessories, reflects your energy to the opposite sex. Therefore, your choice of color also helps you in the field of relationships. In this article, we will talk about the effects of color selection on our appearance and its reflection on relationships.

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Do you know which color is your color to reflect your energy? The opposite sex judges us by our energy. It should not be forgotten…

When you meet your partner with a stylish outfit suitable for today’s fashion, with your well-groomed hands covered with the trend color of the day, your confidence can be destroyed in a moment. Because your partner, who doesn’t like the blue nail polish on your nails, wants to find out if you have acetone with you to remove your nail polish, you will be surprised. Did your partner not know you, or were you not yourself when you were with them? It is important to determine your style according to what adjectives you describe yourself with…

Your clothing that reflects you and reflects your energy will appeal to the opposite sex.

One day, your partner invites you to watch the match, and you hastily apply a lipstick or gloss on your lips and leave the house immediately. Then the “what’s on your lip?” from your partner. The question is an expression of using a color that is not suitable for you.

The solution is to know the right color for you… If you know whether your skin undertone is warm or cold, you choose the colors you use accordingly.

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The selection of tones that suit you in every detail, from your hair color to the colors you use in make-up to your accessory selection reflects your energy to the opposite sex.

An NLP method… To be successful in communication, making his movements without being felt is correct for distance resolution, communication.

As I always say, success in communication is possible with love. If there is love beyond love, the opposite sex will take care of your heart… A woman who is self-confident, feels valuable, does not wait for approval, and activates her feminine energy is attractive.

Everyone sees a woman who feels attractive as attractive. They say that without long hair cannot be attractive, ignore it. Short or tall, it matters which model you wear…

Saying, “A truly happy woman attracts men and drives other women crazy,”
John Irving very clearly explains the meaning and reflection of attractiveness.

You still be yourself to be attractive, reflect yourself as you are. Do not mislead or surprise the other person with other identities.

May the beauties be with you…

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