Dating sites for love come to the rescue during quarantine days

Maybe you remember when we first started to get involved with the Internet, MySpace, Yonja, etc. sites. In those days when we used nicknames, the purpose of having a profile on any website was to socialize and reach people from different positions on the Internet. It was kind of like finding a pen pal to whom we could get a faster response. Over time, the speed of our access to the Internet has increased, information-based websites and video sharing programs have increased rapidly, and the definition of “friendship” has been redefined. However, there was a problem. How do we find someone special to us in this crowd ? talked to Elif Erman, the marketing manager of , the most used dating site in Turkey , and asked what to consider when using a dating site.

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It has become normal to use our real name on the Internet through platforms such as Facebook; We started to find everyone from our primary school friend, to our teacher at the university, and even to our relatives in the Netherlands, whom we have not seen for many years. However, there was one small problem. It had become difficult to find new friends and lovers in these areas full of acquaintances, where our entire social circle was.

istanbulnet anasayfa This problem has also been solved when the websites we used for socialization before became mobile with the advancing technology and entered our pockets. However, while a problem was solved, it gave rise to another important need: Even if the person you found on the dating site was a very nice person, he could be living in another city or very far from you. This made meeting difficult and sometimes impossible. However, in our busy business life, we no longer had time to spend with pen pals.

So how would we find people from our own close circle? Here, in 2004, a dating site with this answer was launched: At that time, it started out as a city-specific dating site, and started to serve as and in big cities such as Izmir and Ankara outside of Istanbul.

The love you’re looking for is right next to you with the slogan as the first location-based dating site and has been around for 16 years,, today Turkey’s dating site became. Now, many men and women from all over Turkey, who are looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend , and who have dreams of marriage , become members of We asked the Marketing Manager of , the founder of this system, which is currently used by many foreign dating sites, and Elif Erman , the secret of their success and the formula for its users to use faithfully. Hello Ms. Elif, first of all, thank you very much for taking your time for us during the pandemic process. A large part of Turkey is in the process of voluntary quarantine and at home. Therefore, we guess that you are going through a very busy period, isn’t it? In this period istanbul net pazarlama elif erman Marketing Manager Elif Erman: Yes, let’s not say that socialization, which we all experience for the first time, has decreased, but we are in a period where its definition has changed. To describe the process we are in, we are experiencing many restrictions, as in the rest of the world. Our daily routines and lifestyles have changed. However, one of our most important needs that did not change was our indispensable need for socialization.

Turks do not give up on chat even though they are in quarantine

We are a society that loves to chat and talk with someone wherever we are. This does not prevent us from meeting our needs, even if the place and conditions change. In this direction, we are one of the lucky sectors that experience this pandemic process positively.

Daily membership has increased

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Turkey’s most experienced and we are in the reliable friendship sis

You know is in a very important position serving this need.

Women are looking for a reliable and men are looking for a real chat environment What makes different from others among dating sites? What do you think?

EE: When you ask people who use dating applications regularly, you can actually see a striking difference. It is also a “safe” dating environment. Whether it’s a woman or a man, the first thing he looks at when using an application or site is whether this site is safe or if there is an interlocutor. Once inside, men are looking for a “real” person to chat with, while women are looking for a “safe” chat environment.

In this direction, one of the things we take pride in as is that we are one of the pioneers and pioneers of the sector. There are over 15 million registered profiles on today . That is very serious number. 15 million people have chosen us to find the relationship they want. 80% of people who stop using our application say goodbye to us by saying “I found the person I was looking for”. These two numbers are actually an indication of why we are ahead of many applications that are currently on the air and/or going out of the air in a short time.

Incoming users can both give information about themselves, from their physical features to their abilities, and say what they expect from the person they are calling. This, in fact, enables to meet people who know what they want in a more qualified and high-quality structure than the like/late photo applications. Thus, members can have very detailed information about their opponent from the front and can choose what is suitable/not suitable for them from the very first minute.

Thanks to the operation team patrolling every hour on, there is no room for fraudulent members users within the application How does it ensure the security of other users? Do you have a special system to prevent fake memberships?

EE: This is another of the most important issues that distinguish us from other sites and applications. We have a very crowded operation team that only provides security and provides 24/7 service. We can compare this team to the police teams that regularly patrol.

We are trying to prevent fraudulent female members trying to use men and unwanted correspondence that may disturb women. Our female and male members can make instant complaints to us. We are trying to manage this potentially negative process both within our own operation and with the complaints received.

In addition, every member who registers with us must go through profile approval . Therefore, it is almost impossible to become a member with a fake profile or bot systems. We can guarantee this to you.

When it comes to security on the site , another important issue is the personal information security of the members . Security is our first priority, especially in the application and on-site purchasing processes. Our members can make purchases using one of the credit card, eft/transfer or mobile payment options. For this, we have a serious technology and infrastructure for payment systems that are regularly checked.

Do not share your personal information with other members on dating sites!
As someone who is in the kitchen, can you give us the answer to the following question: What should we pay attention to when using dating sites?

EE: We always emphasize security, but I think this is the most important issue for both our female and male members. As the team, although the most important thing we work on is the safety of our members, our primary expectation is that our members who use us do not enter into a process that will endanger themselves. In other words, what we mean here is that he does not share personal information such as phone, e-mail, address with a person he has just started talking to. Or not giving opportunities to potential scammers, such as “My situation is bad, I need money”. Just as what you can tell a person you meet for the first time on a first date or meeting is limited, you can think the same here. Have you had any members who met and got married thanks to İ Did they share it with you?

At the end of 16 years, we can say that thousands of people met over, had a good relationship and even got married. We have received and continue to receive numerous e-mails from our members regarding this issue. Unfortunately, we cannot share it due to privacy reasons. Finally, we would like to ask: What kind of information would it be good for a person looking for a serious relationship to share about himself or herself so that he can find the person he is looking for on a dating site? What kind of questions should a woman or man who is looking for a serious relationship or friendship ask to get to know the person in front of him better? Can you give us a little tip?

EE: The more detailed information the members share about themselves, the more likely the other party will know them and feel close to them. There are guiding questions for this on There are many questions that people can answer, from whether they smoke or not to their lifestyle. In addition, we recommend that they fill in the area where they will express themselves with their own words, because this area is an opportunity corner where they can freely express themselves. In addition, they should add their favorite photos. Because sometimes a photo can be more effective than hundreds of words and questions. Also, just like you, everyone wants to know what kind of person they are talking to.

Business falls on the opposite side after that. At that point, the most important trick is to send a private message to the person. Everyone wants to feel special. Therefore, instead of saying an ordinary “Hello” to the other party, if he mentioned that he likes to watch movies in his profile, “I like watching movies too, what movie did you watch last?” A specific introductory sentence like this changes everything.

We thank Elif Erman, Marketing Manager of, one of Turkey’s most experienced and popular dating sites all over the world, for answering our questions sincerely during this period when all of Turkey is in the process of voluntary quarantine. Thank you very much again.

With this interview, we understand even better that is a local application , which interprets the sensitivities of Turkish people very well, and it has a very important feature especially for Turkish people : Certified and real profiles , edited by editors. This not only makes you feel safer while navigating the site, but also prevents fraud etc. It offers an infrastructure that protects its users against issues. That’s why we recommend to anyone looking for friendship. Let’s see how to reach… can be used easily through your mobile browsers. However, you can use from your computer or with applications that you can download from Google Play Store and Apple Store and make the socializing process more enjoyable at home.

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