Dealing with separation is not difficult!

Dealing with separation is not difficult, Right after the breakup, most people around us advise us to forget everything and move on. No matter how well-intentioned and constructive advice, it cannot be said to have worked. Sometimes the pain of separation and getting rid of the pain we feel can be even more difficult than making the decision to break up. Even if those around us have experienced the same situation before, they cannot help us. That’s why it’s best to listen to relationship therapists to get through the hard days of separation. Here are the ways to get over the pain of separation from the experts…

Dealing with separation is not difficult!


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Grieve your relationship

Everyone after the relationship He may say that you need to keep the grieving process short, don’t take it seriously. Mourning , sadness, disappointment, pain after the end of the relationship does not mean that you are weak or that you are weak. On the contrary, it is a process that you have to live in order to continue your life in a healthy way. If you ignore your feelings instead of living them as they are, you may have to deal with them as soon as you start to move on with your life. In order to get over something, you must first experience that emotion until it ends.

Find the right support

Especially when serious relationships end, the reaction of those around you may not be what you want. It may not be good for you to hear that you did wrong and that this separation was not the right decision. So make sure you get support from the right place. It is best for you to get support from a friend who will list all the bad aspects of your ex-partner, from your family who will stand by you in every decision, or from an expert if you deem necessary. During the separation process, you need the people around you to understand you, not to judge you. It may be right not to talk to those who do the opposite for a while.

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Forget the possibilities

Instead of thinking about the mistakes you’ve made during your relationship and building scenarios, show some understanding and focus on your truth. Get rid of thoughts such as “If I hadn’t acted like that that day, maybe we wouldn’t have broken up”, “If I hadn’t said that sentence, we wouldn’t have come to this situation”. You acted like that, you said that sentence because that’s what had to be done for the moment. You also did a lot of the right things that your relationship has lasted to this day. Try to see all the mistakes you make as lessons for your next relationship.

Let go of your anger

Relationships don’t leave good feelings when they end. Especially if you broke up for a bad reason like being cheated on and you couldn’t face the confrontation you wanted, the anger inside will not leave you alone. The best thing you can do in this situation is to get rid of your negative emotions by writing . Write down your pain, anger, resentment, disappointment on a piece of paper. Think of it as if you are writing a letter to your ex and empty your mind. At the end, write that you forgive him and that you are now giving up on him. You can destroy the letter later if it will make you feel better.

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Change your surroundings

There may be many items in your home or room that will remind you of your ex-partner. If you are truly determined to forget, you need to get rid of all of them. If you want, box all of them and put them away, if you want, throw them away, but somehow get rid of them. Also, do not forget to make small changes that will make you feel good. If possible, change the decoration of your bedroom. If you can’t do it all, at least buy new sheets, fill your bed with pillows, spice up your room with a few snapshots. During the separation period, especially if the nights are thought to be very difficult, it may be good for you to beautify your sleeping place and to prepare your bedroom for a new love.

Realize where you need to stop

Without getting out of bed for days, with ice cream

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