Do not forget about foreplay, ways to stimulate sexual life!

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What should be done for a hot sex life? What is the way to save your sex life from monotony? As, you will have more fun and exciting sexual intercourse than before, thanks to the points of reviving your sex life. Here are 4 suggestions for a hot sex life!


Sexual intercourse is one of the indispensable parts of life. How your sex life should be depends on what you want. What you have to do is decide that. Go to the mirror and one of the first questions you will ask yourself is how should my sex life be? What do I expect from sex? Ask yourself questions like The answers to these questions will help you take action.


One of the things you should do is care about foreplay. This move is actually one of the most important ways to keep your sex life strong. Foreplay lays the groundwork for good sex. In addition, it prepares you psychologically for sex. For this reason, never neglect foreplay, which is not given much importance over time.


Adding color to your life is something in your hands. Therefore, instead of doing the same things over and over in your sexual life, try to be different. This will add color to your life and make you excited.


Never be afraid to talk about sex. Don’t let it embarrass you by speaking openly to each other. Keep your thoughts as if it is a matter of shame to say the forbidden word, as if it is an absurd subject. Get rid of these prejudices. These conversations in sexuality work very well and double the excitement of the person. Therefore, take care to make sexy sentences with each other.

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