Do these for the new year for happiness!

The first of our New Year’s wishes was to be happy. So how can we achieve this? Life coach Candan Ünal offers advice to be happy throughout the year. We recommend that you read each one with love, because there are great ideas!

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Happiness is a choice. Even if there are painful days, experiences, we can see the stars in the darkness. For this, we need beneficial changes in our feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

1. Make a happiness piggy bank

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At the end of each day, write down the things that make you happy and grateful on a small note paper. Fold it up and put it in a jar. Open your happiness piggy bank at the end of the month. You will see that more beauty was with you last month than you thought.

2. Write good notes for yourself

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It is a knowledge that we have never been taught, especially in our country, that we should not love ourselves, that most of us neither in school nor in our family, because those who should teach it do not know it either. So now teach yourself first and then your loved ones how necessary it is to start loving yourself.

3. Express your love with words

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While writing those notes, people sometimes laugh to themselves as they find it funny, but don’t worry, it will work! Write nice notes to yourself and leave them in the bathroom, on the fridge, on your desk, where you can see them!

4. Receive a message of happiness every month

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Now that we are in an era where everyone uses smartphones, enjoy the blessings of technology. Set an alarm to send you a message every month. You will forget this in your daily rush, but when you least expect it, your phone will ring and there will be a note that you have set on it…

5. There are examples that will make you feel good

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You can write any message you want. For example, “you are very valuable”, “what did you do for yourself today? Come on do it now because you deserve…” , “many people love you but remember that you love yourself too much”…

6. Looking good makes you feel good

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Look beautiful for yourself, not for anyone, dress well, do your make-up when you wake up in the morning, do not leave your home elegance even if you are at home. Don’t think that no one will see me at home all day, you will see yourself in the mirror, what could be more valuable than that?

7. Take care, even at home

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Self-worth is a thought revolution and is needed to feel good when you’re with yourself, not others. Comb your hair, do your make-up, even if you are at home, wear comfortable but stylish things, the energy of the day will change.

8. Always reward yourself

Reward yourself if you get through a tough time, fix things that go wrong, save money as you aim, or lose that extra 5 kilos you want. Sometimes even reward for doing nothing. For example, when you prove to yourself that you love yourself…

Small victories are important, celebrate these victories and always renew your belief that you will not lose.

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