“Oh, why am I so sleepy today?” If you are asking yourself, today is world sleep day! A quality sleep is the solution to many health problems, and poor quality sleep is the cause of health problems.

Considering your age, what you eat and your daily stress, none of us actually have a quality sleep pattern. Sleeping more or less often does not determine the quality of sleep.

2 hours of uninterrupted sleep may be of better quality than 8 hours of sleep that you wake up all the time. Does massage balance sleep hormones? If you’re questioning how this relates to massage, research shows that message therapy and sleep patterns have a direct link. Correctly performed massages encourage the secretion of serotonin and melatonin in the body, causing you to have a quality sleep. The hormone cortisol occurs at much higher rates in stressed people and causes insomnia, that is, sleep disorder. Massage, on the other hand, ensures that this hormone system is balanced and reduces the cortisol hormone to the required level, 30%. As for serotonin, this hormone, known as the happiness hormone among the people, depends on many factors from your health to your eating pattern. Massage therapy can increase serotonin levels by up to 28%, so you can achieve uninterrupted and ‘happy’ sleep. If you sleep in a bright room, it is almost impossible to have a high level of melatonin. This hormone, which increases according to the darkness, can also increase with the pressure rate of the massage. If that’s not enough reason to book a massage appointment, there’s one more factor! A one-hour massage gives your body the equivalent of a healthy and long ‘nap’. “So what kind of massage should we do?” You can examine the answer to the question in the photo gallery….

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