Does your ex still love you?

Separation is hard for everyone, especially the early parting! If you’re still in pain like the first day after enough time has passed, it may be because you still love your ex . If you still love him, it’s normal to want to come back. Before you make one last move to get back together, it’s a good idea to make sure he feels the same way as you do. Here are the signs that your ex still can’t forget you…

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If he’s still trying to communicate

All of us we know the conversations that took place in the early days of separation , and most of them were for reckoning. But things can change if your ex insists on contacting you even though it’s been enough time since you broke up. You may have decided to stay friends after the breakup, but you should know that it doesn’t mean talking, texting or meeting every day. If your ex never misses an opportunity to see or talk to you, it may be because he still has feelings for you.

If he finds a way to remind himself

If there is someone who still loves you and hopes to have a relationship again, no matter what you do, he won’t let you forget him. It’s actually your ex’s way of saying I’m still here, to appear suddenly wherever you go, interesting coincidences , likes or comments from social media. Every time you have the chance to experience something with someone new, does your ex get a reminder of himself? You’d better not believe it’s a coincidence.
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If he hasn’t lost contact with those around you

İ your relationship is over and you chose not to talk to him. But if your ex still has feelings for you, you can be sure they’ll find other ways. Of course, the first way to try; It will be to connect with the people closest to you. If he still continues to see friends or family members whom you introduced him to, you are not wrong to think that his main goal is to learn something about you. No one wants to keep the relatives of someone they want to forget in their life, even if they offer excuses such as “They are my friends too” or “I love your family very much”.

If he acts like he used to when he sees you

Even if you remain friends with your ex , the rules of your relationship must have changed. Now you are only talking to a friend of yours, not the person you walk hand in hand, lean your head on their shoulder, and jump into as soon as you see them. However, if your ex is not acting accordingly, the relationship between you may not be completely over for him. If he still hugs you like he used to, looks you in the eye, or constantly finds a way to contact you , let’s just say that these gestures aren’t very friendly.

ask cift iliski yemek If his friends are contacting you

All communication between the two of you may have been lost. But your ex who really doesn’t want to make you forget himself will always find a way. While your relationship was going on, did his friends who didn’t like you very much suddenly wanted to talk to you? Is his best friend, who is one of the permanent problems of your relationship, calling you with the excuse of constantly asking about your situation? In the middle of the conversation, with the sentence “Don’t let him know that I’m telling you all this”, how sad your ex is, he still can’t forget you? You can be sure that there is someone assigned to you by your ex.

If trying to make him jealous


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