Don’t let marriage kill love!

Marriage kills love We’ve all heard the saying. When we hear this word, we have also formed the sentence “but our marriage will be different”. Things don’t always go as we hope. The decision to marry with big dreams can really bring the end of your love. So why does marriage mean the end of love? Is it possible to protect our relationship from this? Despite years of marriage , is it just a dream to stay in love as on the first day ? Here are the reasons that push love out of the door in marriage…

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It’s not marriage that kills love actually. Your partner, whom you need to take time to see before getting married, whom you miss, and whom you value every moment you spend together, will now be with you at all times. You will see it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. You will have a routine that will last your entire life. While they make you happy at first, over time you will begin to realize how important they are. How can you be happy to see someone you don’t have time to miss? To get out of this situation, create your own personal spaces in your marriage . Go out with your friends, spend time alone, do not give up on your individual lives. So you can enjoy things without making it a habit.

Financial problems

With marriage, you will have a common budget and expenses. Just like when you are single, according to your own mind


When women have children, they suddenly begin to think that “first of all, I am a mother”. He puts his children before everything else, and his relationship too… He also forgets that he is a woman or wife. After chasing the children all day or spending the time off from work for their children, he cannot afford to spare time for his wife. Of course, no one blames you for that. Men can’t leave the responsibility of children to women and expect full-time attention, can they? If you want to save your marriage , you need to share this responsibility . Your spouse going out with his friends while you dedicate yourself to your children may cause you to blame him over time. Speak clearly, reminding him that he has to take responsibility. On the one hand, find ways to remind yourself that you are not just a mother. Take time for yourself, do whatever makes you happy, and of course, don’t forget your partner’s presence. Is a happy marriage possible after a baby? Our article titled can also guide you.

Routine sex life

Spontaneous sex at the very beginning of the relationship, small getaways or getting excited every time you touch each other is a thing of the past, isn’t it?

Environmental pressure

Before marriage, your relationship was something private between just the two of you. But now you have a common life and a common environment. You can’t escape from your spouse’s friends you don’t like, you have to see relatives you don’t like . You will even need to welcome them into your home and behave well. Likewise, your spouse has to put up with your environment. Everyone around you, especially your families , will make comments about your marriage. “Are you really going to live in this house, it’s too small, isn’t it?” “ How will you make a living? ” “When are you going to have children?” You will hear the phrases often. Over time, these will wear you down and cause arguments in your relationship. “That’s what your mother said” or “I don’t want your friends in this house” fights will begin. To avoid these, remember that your relationship is just the two of you. No one can be blamed for the behavior of his mother or his friends.

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