Don’t let orgasm give you a headache

A type of headache seen during sexual intercourse is seen during the foreplay period of sexual intercourse or more often during the orgasm period. Orgasm can be felt as a sharp pain in the near term. The fear experienced by the patient and the severity of the pain may cause him to avoid intercourse. Events that cause sudden contraction of neck or facial muscles can trigger this type of pain.

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Who Is It Seen?
Generally, this type of headache is common in young people, in their 20s, especially in young men 30-35 years old. Since orgasm in women is not as pronounced as men in every sexual intercourse, the low rate may be related to the low rate of women having orgasm.

This type of pain is similar to migraine headaches. However, a cerebrovascular rupture can rarely cause such pain (in the first minutes). Blood accumulation may develop in the head or brain, which is among the causes of sudden death. In patients diagnosed with sexual intercourse headache, it is necessary to perform a brain MRI examination once in order to reduce other fatal causes that may lead to this condition. However, the probability of a fatal problem on the ground is extremely low.

Is treatment possible?
Treatment is extremely simple and cost-effective. Many of the drugs used in the treatment of migraine can be recommended by doctors. In some patients, the pain occurs immediately after orgasm and goes away with a few hours of rest. Rarely, it can be seen to continue at low intensity for 3-4 days.

Warning: If you are experiencing orgasmic headaches, you should definitely see a doctor.

Ways to prevent orgasm headache
– Pay attention to clenching, raise awareness.
– If you have a problem with clenching at night, use night plates for this.
– Relax your neck and back muscles going to your head.
– Postpone sexual intercourse a little during times of high stress and difficulty.
– Abstain from sexual activity for the second time on the same day.
– Avoid certain challenging positions, especially the neck and neck positions.
– Take a more passive role in sexual intercourse.
– Take a pre-sexual pain reliever if needed.

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