Easy decoration tips for those who will make the engagement at home!

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We have made some decoration suggestions at home for those who want to have the engagement or promise ceremony, which is the most exciting start of the marriage process, among the family at home! You can make an unforgettable celebration thanks to the decoration tips that you can prepare in a planned way without panic, which will bring the excitement inside your home. Here are the free decoration suggestions for those who will make the engagement or promise at home at appleelma.com!

What Should Be When Preparing the Engagement Table?

Do not forget to include the indispensable colors of blue, white, cream and powder at the engagement table, which is indispensable for engagement ceremonies. These colors are both savior and non-smirking colors. In addition to your engagement cake and cookies and salty services that you can add according to your preference, you can include the tray on which the rings will be placed by decorating them with ribbons in the colors listed above.

How to Choose a Material for Table Decoration?

Although small profits special for engagement or promise days have been popular lately, you don’t need to go into those kinds of tattoos. Instead, you can use accessories close to gold, powder, blue or powder pink colors, and you can use ribbons to decorate your table and curtains as a background. You can write your name on the chocolates and cookies you will serve, wrap them in tulle and tie them with ribbons.

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