Extended family relationships affect marital happiness

Özyeğin University, Department of Psychology Lecturer Assoc. Dr. The TÜBİTAK supported project carried out by Nilüfer Kafescioğlu reveals the change in the relationship satisfaction of newly married couples in the first three years and the reasons for this change. According to the research, the stress experienced in the first years of marriage due to in-law family relationships causes low satisfaction in couples.

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According to TURKSTAT’s 2017 report, 38.7 percent of divorces in Turkey are in the first five years of marriage, and more than half are in the first 10 years of marriage. takes place during the year.

Director of the Couple and Family Therapy Graduate Program, working at the Couple and Family Center opened under Özyeğin University’s Psychology Graduate Program, Assoc. Dr. Nilüfer Kafescioğlu’s project focuses on the reasons for the divorce figures reflected by the TUIK data.

According to the research conducted with 252 couples, a significant decrease is observed in the relationship satisfaction of couples over time in the first three years. One of the important reasons that wear down the emotional bond between couples is the stress experienced in extended family relationships.

Communication problem is one of the most fundamental problems

Pointing out that the first years of marriage are critical with similar findings in studies conducted around the world, Kafescioğlu said, “The Ministry of Family and Social Policies Research published in 2014; shows that violence, habits and problems with close relatives are the leading causes of divorce.

The World Health Organization’s research on negative childhood experiences in Turkey with 2257 university students reveals that 49.7 percent of the students have been exposed to at least one negative experience such as abuse, domestic problems and violence in their childhood. . It is known that exposure to such experiences results in risky health behaviors such as smoking, harmful amounts of alcohol and substance use, as well as emotional problems, problems in family and school life, and financial problems.

It is seen that satisfaction with the relations with the in-law family and the stress levels in this regard are also very effective in marital relations. In a comprehensive study, the conflict-resolution styles used by the spouses, their communication styles, the emotional bond between them, the stress they experience in their in-law family and their own family relationships are related to their marital satisfaction. Communication problem lies at the root of the problems experienced by couples, especially in the first three years.

In order to serve this purpose, Özyeğin University established the Couple and Family Center. Professor, who is world-renowned in the fields of counseling, psychotherapy and education and has more than 100 books. Dr. The Couple and Family Center, which was officially opened on May 22, 2018, with the participation of Jeffrey Kottler, offers psychological services open to everyone, as well as university students and staff. Couples are supported by focusing on issues such as premarital counseling, coping with conflicts and differences, support in raising children, and solving communicative problems in extended family relationships.

Four of the seven faculty members working in this field in Turkey

, one of the doyens of psychology, Dr. Özyeğin University Rector Prof. Dr. Doğan Cüceloğlu made the opening speech at the event. Dr. Esra Gençtürk said, “I am very happy to be officially inaugurating our Özyeğin University Couple and Family Center, as a result of the efforts of our Psychology Department academics, which started with the dream of establishing a center with the most advanced technology within the university.

Today, four of the seven faculty members working in Turkey, who have completed their doctorate on Couple and Family Therapy, are full-time in ÖzÜÇAM staff, and the fifth is working as our supervisor. Our faculty members also play a leading role in the development of this field in Turkey. As an entrepreneurial research university, ÖzÜÇAM is one of the most concrete and newest examples of our approach to “generating solutions by gaining strength from knowledge”. In our center, we aim to create social benefits by conducting scientific studies and research that will contribute to the academic field, completing their internal internships with supervision, and making psychological support services accessible to every family regardless of their socio-economic level.”

The relationship between the therapist and the client strengthens everything

prof dr jeffrey kottler

A talk titled “The Power of Relationships in Psychotherapy and the Therapist’s Life” The guest of honor of the opening event, Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Kottler said, “I have worked in the field of psychology with nearly 40 thousand students in California for 20 years. I have been to many countries in the world due to my profession. I have not come across the facility and culture you have created here. “I was happy to see that the program was built. You can be really proud of this program and the center.”

Kottler also said in his speech, “After a century of research, we have had a definitive answer that transcends all our differences and debates: It is the relationship between therapist and client that strengthens everything we do in therapy, regardless of the approach, theoretical model, or intervention chosen. “This relationship is at the center of psychotherapy and the change in therapy. This talk focuses on the key factors that greatly influence the success of therapy and the factors that determine the relatively permanent changes in the therapist-client relationship.”

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