Find out from his body language what he thinks of you

The best way to understand what someone thinks of you is to be able to read body language well. Mobile dating app happn; He made a list of what gestures, mimics and stances actually meant to say to the other person. Here’s what body language tells you in only 4 steps on the first date ?

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1. stage: Gaze time

According to experts, we make eye contact between 3 and 9 seconds when talking to someone. If he doesn’t look you in the eye for more than 3 seconds while talking to you, it can mean two things; he doesn’t care about you or doesn’t feel comfortable… If he’s looking at you for more than 9 seconds, you can be sure that he has his focus and attention.

2. Stage 2: Does he feel safe?

Holding a pen, rubbing hands, playing with clothes or hair while speaking indicates that the person does not feel safe. In such situations, people want to keep their hands busy with an object of trust. In such cases, a funny story or a sincere post about yourself will make the other person feel safe and close to you.

3. stage: Where the shoulder angle goes, that goes there…

Where someone’s shoulders and feet are facing, that means their body wants to go there. If his body is facing you but his feet are facing out, it may mean that he wants to go to one side. Even if it’s towards the toilet… If he’s pointing you at the angle between his shoulders, that is, directly in front of him, and his toes point towards you, it means he’s totally interested in you.

4. stage: Breathing rate and stance direction

If you breathe in and out slowly, it calms you down. Likewise, we breathe fast when we are stressed and excited. If the other person’s shoulders and chest are heaving rapidly, it indicates that he is excited or under stress. Likewise, her posture tells you how she feels; the more hands and arms are closed, the legs are together and tense, it means that he feels closed to the outside.

If the other person is tense next to you and their body language is closed…

In these situations, firstly mirroring his/her stance, then slowly opening your own body and taking a comfortable breath will help the other person to imitate you. It will encourage and relax. You can even turn it into a game, but without making the other person feel that they are constantly being analyzed… The important thing is to meet, meet and have a good time. Pleasant meetings…

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