We are sure that everyone has a techie in their life! We are making the person who follows the latest technologies, buys the latest model phone the second it comes out, has an unbreakable relationship with his smart watch, and has made digital life a philosophy, this New Year’s Eve! In addition to the latest phones and smart watches, interestingly designed speakers and headphones are just as fun gift options. Products such as pocket printers, phone lenses, skin cleaning devices will be gifts that your technological friends will love. You can examine the gift suggestions below, where you can speak the same language with your loved ones who live their lives in the digital dimension…

e95d72e6 2f50 4a78 8c78 13bd2abf185a 988a5b2d 92bf 4e5b 9f21 985741f2a564 Apple Watch Series 5, $3,099 APPLE

6f946ae2 fbf4 433c 9b19 b5e1c77ec5e0 a3cf6047 0def 45c5 8c7d b0f60bb3831d Smart Backpack, 2,249 TL PIX

908188cf d3c9 4656 a1ba 2969ae3a70c9 6b5e7399 1a0d 43de 94f1 8b2e4418a123 Ophidia Pattern AirPods Box, €230 GUCCI

3ce36a99 a651 4a19 a0e3 760e0ab2a89b 33d18682 3761 4f7d 80bb 8296bc826d15 Instant Photo Printer, 999 TL FUJI FILM

74cf3f97 da71 4911 a6fa f9f7c08ecf48 b5662ee6 c0d4 4bfd b7c3 4b0748d8011b Portable Speaker, 1,099 TL ULTIMATE EARS

c2a15294 412b 4a80 b193 b8f474878b4f 8ea7bd00 d0b1 4a24 a133 424683609e24 Set of 3 Lenses, £15 TOPSHOP

46029696 0926 41c1 b3a7 fae1ddaaf1a9 ffabe4a2 876a 49ad 9b8a 47a943df3ce1 Wireless Headphones, 1,367.40 TL HARMAN KARDON

ab11502f 6717 4f58 86f9 f3e416336ab4 53abaa5b 92f4 4fb1 8378 dce1c6fafbc4 Multifunctional Ionic Hair Styler, 469 TL BABYLISS

4482d80d 8685 4fda a62f cfd9bdf2b587 6ecc58cf 9642 42b5 819d 1201bf73dab3 Instax Mini 9 Neo Classic Gift Set, $1,049 FUJI FILM

8e6e3269 14d4 4f2b a158 92f5ad64fe71 2c657b2c f9d6 47d5 8b2b 960898334220 Facial Cleansing and Firming Massage Device for Sensitive Skin, 1,599 TL FOREO

f19522b9 d626 441f af4d 60d74361ec7a a551490a a8d8 40a7 9a30 3a0544b2f8fe Neutral E6 Headphones, €285 BANG & OLUFSEN BEOPLAY

07e2f53f 1e56 4b9b bce0 ece6f64607cf d5b7e087 f198 45b6 bd5c 28cba6d2ee29 Smart Watch, 5,817.50 TL TAG

9fc42d03 43a4 4ba8 9083 2b2c178edcb4 42a420ff f00a 4c4f 9051 9a14f07acddd Skin Cleansing Device Gift Set, £295 SKIN INC

795b169b d107 40b6 a9ac bfeb7470dc5f 026d93aa 3b42 4b8a b7f9 58e5376f67ef Red Powerbank, 199.90 TL TTEC

76bde278 a548 43eb 8dc7 046c12165250 273c448c 768d 46cf 8540 fee252d85a49 Juicer, $3,342 SMEG X DOLCE & GABBANA

fe9cde74 34af 4ec0 8acf 764fb15156e9 fd2c4c9e a083 4e46 bade c0207f9ebf0b Mini Coffee Machine, 1,199 TL NESPRESSO

a2c04e24 2abf 4eb0 9417 3f5856883543 e39d2bbe ae96 4d91 a143 cc35f25d20ca Rechargeable Suitcase, $440 ARLO SKYE

4373cdb6 34a2 468f b03c b9ef9776b9c7 f2b1dee2 6642 4dbe 988b fd9c02db2d43 Head Pillow with Speaker, 153.95 TL TCHIBO

a29006a8 0558 401b a5be ada1433c7daf 38637642 0d47 4b38 8b34 0b34add792e6 Moon 3D Virtual Reality Glasses, 7,450 TL ROYOLE

f9fd8de5 529b 49ad b031 e85e3792ad58 ecc86270 bc68 4068 a9ab 0cb238c73280 Galaxy Smart Tablet, 5,699 TL SAMSUNG

e732eca2 82d7 489c 8ec6 14a83a8889c6 e88f4146 b1fb 4b38 b3fd 8eded36274e4 Turkish Coffee Machine, 509 TL ARCELIK

e0fb1511 2fe7 4500 95df f385a5752321 1c97cd03 30fa 4570 a4d0 2cd127df37f1 Supersonic Comb Set Hair Dryer with Gift, 2,799 TL DYSON

c84774b0 b1b5 4421 ad9b 7f377ca65032 a3f57895 f1fb 4425 9e1e a66c4b417126 Wireless Charger and Accessory Organization Set, 1,121.31 TL COURANT

68c8c773 48c2 4129 89ae 0732478cff40 9fb66c0f fc93 4b04 b81d c7e0cbd71c59 Heated Hair Styler, 339.90 TL PHILIPS

f22c690d 6664 4ea8 b5db 990c41f31c0e bd80cc6a 8679 4f94 a26c 7534438502bb Rejuvenating Facial Device, £430 DR. DENNIS GROSS

bb626fe2 a350 4de4 854c 2250834df129 e43477ba a0e5 4078 aead f99a14ee8625 Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones, 640.40 TL JBL

d599b36a 9a15 4cbe b3b9 9be3897eb966 b5c336ea cf33 4cc9 bd8c 764b40bff003 iPhone 11 Pro, $10,999 APPLE

ed84028e ce6a 4f14 899c 3524eb074ca5 ee9add35 331e 4106 8b08 63f5f10829c2 Electronic Makeup Mirror, $400 SIMPLEHUMAN

c5c5f948 8eb1 448c 9de0 3e21064c1ed8 a3b0eed6 a025 41d5 9b41 b9aeaed12411 Colorful Headphones, $289 HAPPY-NESS

38a0bb28 50ff 4c68 8734 3055aff0b1d4 27dc8daa e124 41db b949 4dcc9135a634 Radio and Bluetooth Speaker, $68 TYKHO

e5e80111 507e 426c 83fa 337cdc4bfd1e 9d8f60ac 905e 4441 be86 b655c9156bcb Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder, $1,199 PETRA ROASTING CO.

5f732c02 1a78 4674 b077 6360e6559469 db21bb4a 5fdf 4f8a a31d 5685c2d323f6 Aroma Air Diffuser, $513 LEXON

c5ce489e 423c 4c99 88ec d720346e4da2 809e8040 0381 4da0 b04b 21dd32f0cb89 Retro Happy Mic Mini Game Tool, 490 TL MY ARCADE

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