Has your girlfriend forgotten her ex?

In which situations is your lover’s ex dangerous? Is it when he keeps calling, getting involved in your life, or trying to remind you of the past? These are all signs of something wrong, but the real danger comes when your partner can’t get their ex out of their minds. Because no matter what her ex does, she can’t be successful if your lover has put her on your mind. However, if your boyfriend is with you but can’t forget his ex , there’s not much you can do. So, is it possible to understand this? It’s not uncommon for men to be honest about this, so you have to find the answer yourself. Here are the signs that your lover is still on his ex…

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Is he constantly talking about his ex?

The clearest sign of not being able to forget someone is to talk about them all the time. Does your girlfriend stop and talk about her ex, even when you don’t need to? Do you know everything from a stranger’s favorite food to how they sleep? In this case, you are not wrong to be suspicious, your lover may still be thinking about his ex. However, before making a decision, you should pay attention and make sure that you do not exaggerate the occasional conversations. After all, no one, including you, can erase their past from their minds in an instant. What is important here is how much of your lover’s past is involved in your relationship.

Doesn’t want to tell your friends about your relationship?

It’s been months since your relationship started but you still haven’t met any of his friends? If he finds an excuse for all your requests on this subject, there is definitely a problem. Of course, he may also think that you can’t get along with his friends. But especially if he has mutual friends with his ex and keeps you away from them, the problem is probably that he can’t forget his ex . Maybe he doesn’t want his ex to hear about your existence. Likewise, the fact that does not share even the slightest share about you on social media accounts may be a sign that he is hiding something from someone. In this case, ‘Who would hide his new relationship from someone he has removed from his life and whom he does not love!’ You are not wrong to think so.

Are they still communicating?

Of course it’s nice to respect the past, end the relationship nicely and stay friends. But if this friendship is more sincere than it should be, there is a problem. The fact that they meet frequently, call your girlfriend when her ex is still in trouble and she runs to help, or even prefers to share with her ex instead of you when your lover has a problem are signs that something is still not over. Of course , it is understandable that people who have had a long-term relationship do not completely break their ties, but it is useful to express your discomfort on the subject. However, if something continues despite your discomfort, you should talk to your lover.

Does he talk about his breakups bitterly?

Being able to openly tell each other about your past may sound great at first, but over time it can become uncomfortable. Especially if there is someone who is still mourning his old relationship… Your lover’s long and continuous talk of how he suffered during the separation process, and how hard it was, shows that he has not been able to get over something completely. Don’t be fooled if he talks about his ex with hatred or anger, all this at least

Is his stuff still at home?

Does he compare you to him?

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you still can’t replace your old great love in the eyes of your lover ? You must be tired of hearing that she cooks better than you and is more well-groomed. Not only on the positive side, it can even be irritating when your ex tells you that he’s not as good as you about certain things. Because this shows that he still carries the traces of his old relationship both in his mind and in his heart. The fact that he compares you with him is unfortunately a sign that he sees him as the most perfect point to be reached. Of course, it is not possible for someone who gives so much meaning to their ex-girlfriend to focus on their new relationship.

Does his family support his ex?

If you’re early in the relationship, it’s understandable that your girlfriend won’t mention you to her family. However, it is not a good sign that he deliberately keeps you away from them for a long time. In addition, if the mother asks about her ex-lover every time she talks to her son , you should be careful. In fact, when they meet you and they talk about how well their son got along with his ex, it’s a big deal. Because if your boyfriend completely forgot about his ex, his family wouldn’t say it either. Even if this is not the case, your lover who defends you today may decide to listen to his mother tomorrow, do not underestimate the influence of mothers on their sons!

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