Here are the tricks on how to choose the right lipstick color!

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One of the indispensable make-up materials for women is undoubtedly lipstick. But did you know that there are some sensitive points to consider when choosing lipstick? It is possible to find the right lipstick shade for you according to your skin color or gum color. So how to choose the right lipstick? Here are the tricks of choosing the right lipstick color!

If you have very fair skin…

If you have a very light skin tone, you should especially prefer coral and pink tones. If your lips are full, you can choose darker tones.

If you have wheat skin…

For women with wheatish skin, shades of red, pink, brick and orange can be preferred. Or you can also choose nude tones.

If you have very dark skin…

If you have a dark tone, you should definitely stay away from light colors. You can use any shade of brown. Brunette women with thin lips should prefer more nude tones. Brunette women with full lips can use red, burgundy or even darker colors.

In order for your teeth to look the way they want…

Lip color is important for the desired appearance of the teeth. For example, those with light pink gums; should make light-toned lip make-up. Those with dark gums; Women with dark teeth and especially those with reddish gingiva should definitely not choose light-colored lipstick.

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