How can I introduce him to my family and friends?

That first meeting, where you introduce the person who will be your life partner to your family and close circle, is the most important indicator that you have taken serious decisions to take your partnership to the next step. Hawaya has compiled for you what tricks you should pay attention to in order to make the first meeting of the person you plan to spend your life with perfect and sincere:

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If you are confident in the future of your relationship, then it is the right time to introduce him to your family. Beyond the first courtesy rules that we all know, such as going to the meeting on time and bringing a small gift, look at what you need to pay attention to on the first meeting day. Here are some tips from Hawaya, an application that brings together those looking for a marriage-oriented serious relationship, for a successful first date with family and friends.

How should the first meeting with the family be?

Although meeting the sweetheart of their child is a natural and ordinary encounter for some families, meeting the potential spouse of their children is an extremely serious and important issue for traditional families. If you are not sure whether the person you think is ideal for you will be compatible with your family, the sooner you hear about your family’s opinion of the person you are with, the better. For this reason, informing your family about him before meeting him in person, using the “witness” feature in applications such as Hawaya, and including the person you trust from your family in the conversation stages of your relationship will help break the ice before the first meeting.

What should I pay attention to when I go to see his family?

Be sincere and sincere, but don’t cross boundaries: If you want to show your feelings to your potential partner while in a family home, you should do this more carefully at the first meeting. Artificial and unnatural behavior is felt not only by your partner, but by their family. However, you should not exceed the limits of sincerity. Otherwise, you may be misunderstood by your potential spouse’s family.

Make small gestures: Instead of classic gifts such as flowers and chocolates, giving them gifts that fit their traditions or habits by getting hints on their personal tastes in advance to show that you value them, allows you to earn points as a potential spouse candidate. .

What should I pay attention to when introducing my friends?

Although not as much as the rush of a first date with family, the decision to include the right person in your circle of close friends is one of the exciting steps in your relationship. “Will he be able to get along with my friends?” “Will they find my choice suitable for me?” “Do they have anything in common to talk about?” It allows the question marks to disappear.

If you’re worried and indecisive, think again

Take it easy when introducing yourself to friends. Worry and indecision will be easily felt by those around you and will be reflected on the other side. So don’t introduce him to your friends until you’re really sure. However, do not forget that you will have the opportunity to get to know your potential spouse much better in the social environment. So let life flow as it knows…

Be natural and relax it too

Feel free to appear as you are and act natural. Reminding your ideal partner that they are not in an unfamiliar environment will put them at ease and help them feel safe.

Be careful not to be too formal

Try to organize your first introduction in a relaxed and informal setting, such as a small birthday party, an intimate meal plan, a picnic in the park. take care. When deciding on the meeting point, choosing a location where your partner will be comfortable will make him/her feel better.

When will I find my potential partner?

In order to experience the first meeting with family and friends, you must have found your dream partner beforehand. Hawaya Global Brand Director Ezgi Ceren Işık argues that introducing your life partner to your family is the most important step you can take to emphasize that he or she is different from others. As such, it remains only to make sure you find the right person! So how do you find it?

The demand for online dating applications is high

You can benefit from online dating applications such as Hawaya, which provides services to more than 4 million singles who want to progress on the path of marriage in the world. With the advanced filtering mode of the Hawaya application, which is developed for singles who offer the opportunity to meet in a reliable environment and who want to move forward confidently by determining their own preferences, you can determine your ideal future spouse according to your preferences and thus increase your chances of finding the love of your life. Thanks to the Selfie Verification feature, Hawaya makes all users in the application real users. We can only establish a real relationship with a real person, right?

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