How do I know if he’s in love with me, if he includes you in his life…

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Sometimes it can be difficult to understand whether your feelings are mutual with the person you like. Some of the behaviors he shows you may give some clues that he is attracted to you and that he is in love with you. Here are 5 proofs that he loves you too!

If he accepts you as you are

If he accepts you as you are, shows your mistakes but does not judge you; your partner is in love with you!

You are the priority

No matter how busy he is, if he makes time for you and makes it a priority, this is proof that he is in love with you!

Include you in his life

He shares his problems and memories with you. Introduces him to his friends and family. Include you in his life. He makes future plans.

Taking a supportive stance

If he supports you in your dreams, in the projects you want to realize, in your daily life or in a radical decision you will make, this shows that he cares about you.

Doesn’t break your trust

Your trust is very important to him if he does not do anything to break your trust, or does not act to make you suspicious or uncomfortable.

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