How do men get aroused? What are the most effective methods?

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Want to provoke your partner? They have very simple methods! As complex as they may seem, men are actually very simple creatures, with a few things to watch out for, you can easily get them off the road! We have prepared 5 methods to help you turn your man on.

one- The best time for men to have sex is when they wake up in the morning. Although almost every man thinks of having sex many times during the day, men’s testosterone hormones are at their highest level when they just wake up from sleep. For this reason, the times when they are most ready for sex and want to have sex the most are in the morning. By setting your watch a little earlier and waking up, you can provoke him with a few little tricks when he wakes up.

2- Contrary to what is thought, the anatomy of men is quite simple. For this reason, touching his body softly and making him feel your own body temperature is a valid way to provoke him. You can find out which parts of him like you more to touch by trial and error method, and when you want to provoke him, you can make him ready for intercourse by touching these parts.

3- Try scents that will seduce her. Studies show that the most arousing scents for men are lavender flowers and pumpkin. The mixture of these two scents increases the sexual desire of men by 40%. For this reason, you can easily find out how men get aroused by applying these scents to the folds of your body before going to bed.

4- Tell him how much you want and desire him at that moment by leaning into his ear at an unexpected time and environment. This will set him ablaze and arouse much sooner than you might expect. If you are hesitant to say this verbally, you can send him a naughty message from your mobile phone. Hearing such a thing from you will both surprise and seduce him.

5- Men attach great importance to visuality in women. For this reason, one of the most accurate alternatives among the ways to arouse men is to choose the right clothing. For example, you can wear a mini skirt and choose a sexy underwear underneath. What you need to pay attention to here is to let him notice your underwear. Make sexy moves while sitting and standing and throw long glances into your partner’s eyes. He or she will realize both the hormone your body secretes and the message you want to give in a very short time and will be aroused much more easily than you can imagine.

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