How do men like to be treated?

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We women always expect attention from men, we want to be flattered. However, it should not be forgotten that sometimes men expect attention from us. Okay, they are not as emotional beings as we are, but from time to time they also want to feel that they are cared for. Here are the behaviors men expect from women! We have compiled for you! When you go to meet her, hold her hands and kiss her and tell her how beautiful she looks. While your lover is watching TV or sleeping, run your fingers through his hair and touch his face, shoulders, hands and arms lovingly. Place kisses on his neck and head.

Does your spouse/lover do gymnastics? Tell him how good he looks. As you walk hand in hand, look at her and smile and squeeze her hand lovingly. Go to the page your spouse/lover reads most in the newspaper. I love you Write the note ”. Compliment your boyfriend or husband.

Women get compliments all the time but they don’t compliment men enough. Tell him you are the perfect father, the best wife, the most romantic man in the world. Tell him how much it affects you when he does these or that. When your spouse/lover comes home from work, pull him to you, hug him and say ” I miss you so much today say ” Surprise her with her favorite dessert on the way home.

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