How do men like women, coy or clear?

How do men like women? The love affairs that have been dragged to an inextricable result in male-female relations, which have been spoken for centuries, actually allow the relationship to reach the ideal level by being clear from time to time, by making small escapades from time to time, but still, one of the questions that confuses us women is ‘How do men like women?’ In order to give a clear answer to the question, Relationship Specialist Hande Akın explained the answer to this question.


“If you are an easily accessible woman, it means you can easily give up. Therefore, it is necessary to show a bit of malice to the nation of men…” Is this thought really true? Do women think that it is necessary to covet men?

It’s not like men like women who do or don’t. We cannot make such a generalization. In order for a man to like you, it is important that you love yourself very much, value yourself and feel beautiful.

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself, rather than what men want, is ‘What kind of person do I want in my life? How can I be happy with someone?’ There must be a question.

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