How do we know that the friendship is over if he started to get jealous of you…

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Friend means sometimes a confidant and sometimes a person you laugh and have fun with. Friends, who are often supportive, have an important place in every person’s life. Since human relationships can change over time, there may be situations that do not go well in friendship. Although it may not sound good to hear, if you think that you are no longer the same with your friend, your friendship may be over.

If he cannot be happy for you and competes with you

It’s normal to have friendly competition in any relationship. We can compete with our friends on any subject, so we can be motivated. However, if, for example, your friend starts talking about his/her success without congratulating you when you talk about a success, and if he/she is more interested in you when you convey negative developments rather than positive ones, this is an indication that something is going wrong in your friendship.

In case of need

In healthy relationships, the parties support each other and are often ready to help. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a friend needing you and asking you for help. But if this help and support is always one-sided, if your friend only calls you when they need something, if they don’t show up when you need anything, or if they’re not interested in you, that’s a sign that the relationship is unhealthy. Good friends get together not only when they need each other, but because they enjoy spending time together.

If he starts to envy you

If he calls you frequently like a bad lover, gets upset when you don’t respond to his messages right away, gets angry with you when you don’t call him when you see others, then there is an unhealthy relationship. Trust and freedom are essential in healthy relationships. If you are starting to see the signs of jealousy frequently and you can’t talk to your friend about this issue, it will be the healthiest option not to continue this harmful relationship any longer.

violating your boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries in a healthy relationship is one of the most important steps. We need our boundaries to protect our emotional and mental health. When someone is dishonest with you, talks about you in a way you don’t like, or forces you into things you don’t like, they are violating your boundaries. On top of that, when you express this situation, if he defends himself by saying ‘what should I do, I am like this’ and accuses you of being overly sensitive, then it’s time to get away from that person.

If you get nervous when you see your name on the phone

Under normal circumstances, you should feel good when a friend calls or texts you. However, if you take a deep sigh every time you see someone’s name on the phone, and if you feel uncomfortable when they call you even though it is not a period of introversion, this may be a sign that that person is tired of you and your relationship is not very healthy anymore.

If you’re making excuses not to hang out together

Sometimes our body acts and reacts before our mind. Although we have no idea about our discomfort, some reactions may occur in our body regarding a situation. What happens in your body when your friend calls you somewhere? If you’re feeling tired and resilient and it’s recurring, something is not right. If your feet are going backwards even though you’ve been scheduled to meet, give yourself some time to discover how you’re really feeling and be honest with yourself.

If your progress is negatively affected

Sometimes we grow up with a friend, we go through important stages of life together. In this process, it is necessary to know that people can change, to have new ideas, to have new dreams and goals, and to be open-minded accordingly. If you realize that someone you have been friends with for a long time does not support the developments in your life, always holds you back, hinders your change and development, then this friendship no longer feeds you.

If you’re tired of spending time together

It’s normal for someone to tire you out once in a while. But if you feel like you’re running out of energy after every meeting with a friend, something is wrong. Maybe he’s always talking about the same things, it’s always negative, he doesn’t listen to you. You may feel distant, unsupported, anxious or even humiliated and feel that you are not respected. In such a situation, continuing this friendship will not benefit anyone.

If your conversations are difficult

It’s always nice to chat with a friend. You don’t know how time flies, and you enjoy friendly conversations even in the darkest subjects. If you often find yourself unsure of what to talk about, if you have trouble maintaining a conversation with your friend, if you feel compelled to appear interested and therefore ask silly questions, then your conversations aren’t making you happy anymore.

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