How do women wear condoms?

Women can also use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The only difference in the female condom, which is used for the same purposes as the male condom, is that it is placed inside the vagina.

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9 – 17 cm long condom has a slippery structure. You can also use extra lubricant if you wish. Only oil-based ones can damage the condom, so you should choose water-based ones.

Who can use it?

  • Women who want to avoid pregnancy.
  • Women who want to be protected from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Women whose partner does not want to use condoms.
  • Women who do not trust their partner.
  • Menstrual women.
  • Women who want to take control of everything.

Warning: Not suitable for people with no previous sexual experience.

kondom kadin How to use?
Women can put on and remove the condom themselves without the help of a doctor. It is inserted starting from the inside of the vagina, following the instructions in the box. The condom stays inside during sexual intercourse.

You can easily insert the ring on the end of the condom between your fingers and place it towards the cervix. Just like the male condom, it covers the uterus with the closed part inside the vagina.

The ring on the outside of the condom should stay at the entrance of the vagina. At the same time, the outer ring should cover the vaginal opening for the duration of sexual intercourse.

At the end of sexual intercourse, the outer ring of the condom should be turned around itself and removed in such a way as to prevent spillage of its contents. The condom should be thrown away so that it does not scatter sperm.

The female condom, which protects you from both sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, has a 95% positive effect when used correctly.

Differences between female and male condoms:

  1. Female condoms are thicker.
  1. The condom used by men should be put on just before intercourse, but can be put on before hours for women. Thanks to this feature, which is one of its biggest advantages, you do not have to interrupt the foreplay.
  1. The female condom is more protective against sexually transmitted diseases since it covers a much larger surface of the female genital area.

It is disposable, just like the male condom. You should use a new condom every time you have intercourse. You should also check the expiry date before using it.

When opening the package, you should not use scissors to avoid damaging the condom. Attention should also be paid to damage to the nails.

Warning: Not suitable for polyurethane allergy sufferers.

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