How do you find the right person to marry?

Many women and men dream that they can share their life and build their future together; It includes finding the right person to stand by you in good times, in bad times, in sickness and in health, and to overcome the obstacles together. Thus, we can take the steps of a reliable, regular, rich, lasting and serious relationship that will last for many years. However, there may be times when we do not feel brave enough to look for the right partner due to our modern life, busy school and work lives, fast-changing social environments, combined with our added shyness, perhaps our past insecurities, or our more closed or restrictive family life. These natural expectations and understandable fears can push us to withdraw into ourselves, but nothing is insurmountable.

hawaya evlilik odakli ciddi iliski sitesi

You can also express your expectations in small circles…

Your belief, character, or There are platforms where you can find people like yourself if you are not a fan of consuming fast relationships due to your family culture, if your aim is to have a serious marriage-oriented relationship. One of them is Match Group, which has many years of experience in online dating, operates under the umbrella of Match Group, which includes many well-known dating applications, and started to serve in Turkey

, which means “love” in Arabic. Inspired by the word “hawa” , the Hawaya application, which aims to provide a platform where they can establish a suitable safe, healthy and happy relationship by supporting them in their way of finding suitable partners, ranks first in the most downloaded relationship applications today.

After creating a profile on Hawaya, in the process that continues after mutual likes and matches, Hawaya ensures that the digital bond established in the digital environment turns into a real relationship, and does not leave users alone during their journey to marriage.

Another important feature of Hawaya is that it provides a 100 percent safe environment for users to be deeply committed to their traditions, culture and values ​​throughout their private journey. In this sense, the application offers different features from other online dating platforms.

hawaya selfie dogrulama guven 2 Trust is important in relationship

Hawaya offers very important features for people who have reservations about online dating applications, are afraid of encountering fake profiles, and want to protect their privacy. there is. At the beginning of these are the features of trust and privacy.

Protect your privacy

hawaya bulanik foto who cares deeply about the privacy of women looking for a serious relationship on digital platforms

This means that if you don’t want your photo to be seen by every man who enters the app, you can use the blur feature so that only profiles you approve can see you. So you can protect your privacy.

Get advice from people close to you when you start a conversation with someone

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Hawaya There is also a “Witness” option for users to feel comfortable and safe in a safe environment. Users who activate this option can involve a trusted friend or family member in the process, and receive feedback and advice from them.

Witnesses have the opportunity to watch conversations and comment whenever they wish.

Just be careful of each other!

hawaya ozel sohbet ozel mod ozelligi
One of the biggest problems, especially in online platforms, is the doubt that the person you are chatting with is only talking to you. One of the most important issues to be considered is that people give their full attention to each other in order for you to feel better and to have a healthier conversation. That’s why Hawaya realizes this need and offers a very important feature.

Hawaya takes matchmaking to the next level with its “Private mode” option. Thanks to this feature, matched people give each other their full attention and do not communicate with anyone else.

Are you shy? Having trouble starting a conversation topic?

Being aware of the difficulties experienced by shy people in opening conversation topics, Hawaya also offers a feature for people who are shy about starting a conversation; After matching profiles, it offers engaging chat tools and personalized chat start topics to give people ease and comfort in their first communication.

hawaya ciddi iliski arayanlarin uygulamasi ozellikler

Thanks to all these features, it separates itself from many online dating applications, especially , which enables people to meet with serious intentions and wants a marriage-oriented serious relationship , is a “single person looking for a serious relationship on the way of marriage”.

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, which can be easily accessed from your mobile phones, has a very simple interface and can be used easily, can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Stores. About the app About the Match Group:

Leading worldwide provider of dating apps, its brand portfolio includes Tinder®, Match®, Meetic®, OkCupid®, Hinge®, Pairs™, PlentyOfFish®, There are applications such as OurTime®. Offering special products to meet the changing preferences of users with its portfolio companies and reliable brands, Match Group’s products are offered to users all over the world in more than 40 languages.

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