How do you get rid of the traces of your ex?

How do you get rid of the traces of your ex? The end of a relationship brings with it many positive or negative strong emotions . Your lover, who makes you feel stronger, peaceful and happy throughout the relationship, can suddenly cause the most terrible feelings with the end of the relationship. The reason for this is that we are often emotionally vulnerable to the person we love and put our emotions before our ego. Of course, this is an amazing thing. But when things go well. Otherwise, we may be left with anger, resentment, or sadness.

How do you get rid of the traces of your ex?

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When your relationship ends, you need time to understand and resolve your feelings. It is not immediately possible for you to learn to express your anger, shame, disappointment or regret in a healthy way. Identifying and resolving all these emotions may take more time than you think. However, in order to continue, to start a relationship again, or to be happy on your own, you have to skip this stage. If you ignore this, even if you move on with your life, you will always carry these traces from the past on you. And you will harm both yourself and your new relationship .

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Here are ways to completely erase the traces of your past relationship from your life and get rid of the ghost of your ex…

Accept your emotional ghosts

This does not mean that you blame the person in your past. They don’t even need to have actually hurt you emotionally. Maybe you went through a pretty good breakup process. But it may still have affected you emotionally in some way. No matter what kind of behavior you have been exposed to, in order to take control of your life, you need to know what you are up against and be able to control . If you can’t control your emotional ghost, it will control you. No one can help you with this. Blaming someone else makes you see yourself as a victim. And as long as you are a victim, you cannot control your life. Find out what is affecting you and accept it. This is the first step to take control of your life.

Take responsibility for what happened

Give yourself a chance to get rid of negative thoughts and toxic relationship. Don’t let anything control you any more. Maybe you think you weren’t good enough for your ex, maybe you really didn’t put in enough effort in your ex. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be like that in your new relationship. You just have to accept your responsibility and understand your mistakes . It is useful to see your own mistakes in order to avoid being angry with the person in front of you.

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Try to understand

It may be hard to forget how upset you are, hurt or your ex’s behavior towards you , but it is possible to understand them. Did he leave you for someone else? Of course, this situation

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