How do you know you’ve found your soul mate?

They always say ‘somehow you know when the right person comes’. ‘Is he the right person for me’ for your partner? As soon as you ask, this thought actually loses its meaning. In many relationships you’ve thought ‘yes this might be the right person’ or ‘I could spend my whole life with him’. But somehow it’s all over! Because everything changes in life: your decisions, your truths and your feelings… All these changes do not mean that you are a difficult person. When you are in a relationship, wanting more, feeling that something is missing does not mean that you expect too much, but that something is really missing. When you find the right person, you realize that despite all the difficulties and problems, everything is okay. So how? Do you really feel like they say the moment you see your soul mate? Or is there a way to find out?

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You don’t have to hide yourself

In every relationship your flaws , mistakes or You may try to hide the parts of you that you do not find worthy of love. Although these may not seem like a big problem to you at first, they cause you to turn into a completely different person over time. When you find your soul mate , there is nothing you need to change or hide. You can be as open as you want. You can share your worst qualities with him, even the things you don’t like about yourself. Because the right person will love you for exactly who you are.

You feel safe

Falling in love with someone is dangerous in a way. Most of the time, we make our decisions with our hearts, not our minds. In fact, this is a harbinger of how much we will break in the future. It also brings the fear of losing love and the excitement of coming to an end… When you find your soul mate, you calm down despite the greatness of your love. You can trust him even if you don’t want to. Any remaining trust issues from previous relationships will disappear. It’s as if your heart somehow feels that everything is going to be okay.

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You feel the same

You can be very different from each other. Your political views, religious beliefs, lifestyle, and social life may be very different from each other. But if you have found your soul mate, you will feel the same despite all the differences. What you respect, love, and can’t stand are the same. You get upset about the same things and the same things that bother you both. Even when you’re arguing about something that you think differently, you know your red lines because they are the same. You can really feel like you’ve found your soul mate when you’re with him.

Your sex life is perfect

We’re not talking about anything technical. You will have a wonderful sex life away from the duration, positions, and every technical detail about sex. Because when you find the right person, you realize that sexuality is about communicating . Having an orgasm or a crazy sex life is great, but it’s no substitute for making love with someone you’ve found real closeness with. When you’re with your soulmate, you realize that touching someone is a way of communication. This is the best sex experience you will ever have in your life.

You Feel

Yes, our elders are right. When you find the right person, you really feel it somewhere inside. Now you realize that you are a better , happier , more comfortable, more correct person. Your life before you met him becomes meaningless and you can’t even think of the possibility of a future without him.

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