How does the pain of love go? What are the things that are good for the pain of love?

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Maybe the pain of love is not as big as we think, maybe we are just in the sadness of the moment. There is nothing in life that will not pass. Everything comes and goes, the pain of love is one of them. There are certain methods of getting over the pain of love, when you do these stages, you will see that you are lighter. Here are those methods that will relieve your love pain…

Think carefully: When you look back on your relationship, measure and weigh it, and start to see the positive and negative aspects, you will realize how good a decision you actually made. If there were more positive aspects in the relationship, you wouldn’t have broken up anyway. Although the common points that you enjoyed in the relationship were not over, it would eventually end and the separation would still be inevitable.

Give yourself time to grieve: Fear and anger will surround you after the breakup. Don’t hide your feelings and live them. If you want to cry cry, if you want to shout, shout. Accept your feelings. There is a time it takes to get through all these sad, troubled days. Sometimes this situation may take a long time, but remember that everything in life is unfortunately forgotten, even death.

Write text: Keep a diary. Write down everything you want to say to the person you are breaking up with, what you feel, what you think. The act of writing gives you the freedom to say whatever you want. Write down what you hold inside. When you’re done with the notebook, hide it in a very good place or burn it.

Remove everything belonging to it: Throw away everything that belongs to him in your home, in your car, at your job, and that will remind you of him. Experts call ex-girlfriends ’emotional stickiness’. Keeping even the people connected with the person you broke up away from your life for a while will help you get through this period more easily.

Exercise: If you go to a psychologist, they can give you a light medicine to relax. Instead of deceiving yourself with drugs, accept the situation and start sports that can replace natural antidepressants. Exercise movements lasting 30 minutes 5 times a week will have an antidepressant effect and will relax you. But you need to be consistent about it. This is how your body will meet its serotonin needs and you will be as happy as before.

Spend time with your friends and yourself: Either be introverted or an extrovert. Experts state that in both cases it is important to adopt the personality trait. Being extroverted and talking will help you a lot in clearing your mind. Getting people’s opinions will give you a new perspective. If you close in on yourself, loneliness will be good for you for a while, after you have resolved the situation in your mind, you will feel strong because you will be able to communicate with people and when you come back to life, you will get through the troubled days on your own. But our suggestion is that you can spend time with your best friend at home instead of meeting with many people or not seeing anyone.

Go to massage: Touch helps activate neurotransmitters such as endorphins and serotonin. You will feel relaxed and free from thoughts.

Eat healthy: Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, flaxseed, and walnuts, help improve your mood. Green leafy vegetables help prevent depression thanks to the folic acid they contain. But if you don’t want to eat anything, you definitely need to take B vitamins.

Value yourself: Write down 10 good things you believe about yourself and post them in your room where you can see them anytime. Even if you do not read them, the moment you see those papers, they will have a powerful effect on your subconscious and will make you feel good.

Grateful: Create a gratitude list for yourself towards the end of your grieving periods. Write down the good things that are still in your life despite your loss. Accepting what you believe exists and remains within and around you will move you forward. Because these things are very important to remember what you are.

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