How important is sexuality in a relationship, it varies according to each person and relationship!

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Sexuality is often viewed as a must-have in a relationship. So how true is that? Many people are able to have happy, healthy romantic relationships without having sex (or having a rare sex life) with their partner. Sexual reluctance may remain in the background in some relationships due to low libido or medical reasons. How important is sex in relationships? Let’s look at the answer to this question together!

It’s important to be with someone who can satisfy your sexual desires

Every person’s perspective on sexuality and feelings are in a very diverse structure. For this reason, it is not possible to reach a definite and correct answer about sexuality in a relationship. However, the important point is to be with someone who can satisfy your sexual desires and satisfy your desires.

You should express your wishes and problems to each other.

If the sexual relationship has no meaning, a spouse who wants to have sex all the time will tire you and the tension between you will negatively affect your relationship. In relationships with such problems; The parties must talk to each other and express their wishes. If it is desired to continue the relationship, the wishes of the other party should be considered.

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