How to be attractive What does it take to be attractive?

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We women always want to be sexy and attractive in the eyes of the men we fall in love with, but unfortunately most of us do not know how to do this. We have prepared 5 rules of looking attractive for you! A must read, ladies! Have you ever thought to what do women like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Adriana Lima owe their sexy images? Of course your full lips. Women with full lips have always been found sexier by men.


Ladies, let’s be honest, one of the first areas men pay attention to in a woman is our hips. When you are alone at home, choose clothes that reveal the lines of your hips, you will surely like it.

your scent

Your scent can be the thing that turns a man’s head. If your lover loves your scent, let him smell you a little more as you say goodbye.

your lips

Dark red lipstick can make your full lips more desirable. The first kiss for men is very important. Kiss her passionately in a way she will never forget.


Although men associate nails with witchcraft, they take great pleasure in running your nails on their back during sex.

your collarbone

Your collarbone area may be your sexiest spot for some men.

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