How to deal with jealousy, stop asking for account!

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Jealousy can be a problem that complicates relationships and makes things inextricable. When the feeling of jealousy gets too much, it can become wearisome, endangering relationships. We have put together a few suggestions that will help you overcome jealousy in your bilateral relations. Here are 7 ways to deal with jealousy…

trust yourself

Extreme jealousy is defined by experts as ‘low self-esteem’. Be confident and believe that your partner loves you. You deserve to be loved, you are beautiful and you are very special. Don’t forget this.

don’t ask for bill

Are you constantly calling him, asking what he is doing, where he is, wanting to know who is with him? You’d better give up on this. You are not his mother. As a matter of fact, even mothers don’t do this anymore. The healthiest relationship is one built on trust. You have to learn to trust him.

Contact often

Open communication with your partner is an excellent way to deal with jealousy. Talk to him about why you are jealous and the reasons for this feeling. If his behavior causes you to feel jealous, share it with him. If you don’t talk about it, your partner is unlikely to be able to help you get over your feelings.

Observe other couples

Sometimes, observing the outside as a third person can help you realize your mistake. Observe other couples around you. We are sure that you will see jealous parties in those couples. Think about what jealousy issues look like among other couples from the outside. Do you really want to live your relationship like this?

give him a chance

Let your partner act independently of you. Let him see his friends comfortably and make plans on his own. Take care of yourself while he takes time for himself. Remember, you cannot prevent anyone from making mistakes by placing prohibitions on them. Can you stop your lover from betraying you by not sending them out for the evening? No way. Anyone who wants to do it will definitely find an opportunity. The important thing is; It is not because you hinder him, but because he does not want to do it.

go to therapy

Going to therapy, getting professional help at some points you can’t cope with is the most common thing in the world. A therapist can help you find the root cause of your jealousy and help you overcome it. If you do not want to go to a therapist, there are also online therapy applications where you can get help.

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