How to deal with unstable men if they are acting indifferent to you….

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Perhaps one of the most confusing questions for us women is the unbalanced male model! Asking women constantly, ‘Why?’ We have listed the items that you should pay attention to for the readers of about the men who ask the question, who are good one day, but who do not call the next day and exhibit unbalanced behavior. How to deal with unstable men? What are the male models to stay away from? What behaviors should men pay attention to? We sought answers to these questions that many women are eagerly wondering about! Here are the items that you should pay attention to in men…


Many people, including you, may have intolerable behavior. There may be some behaviors that you cannot ignore, including your lover, as well as you. At this point, it is most logical to talk to each other instead of trying to change your lover’s behavior under the cover (chipping, so to speak). If the person in front of you is not just a plank, he can take into account his behavior and pay attention. But if it is someone whose situation is dire, forget it!


First of all, when making a decision, consider yourself first. Yes, relationships require sacrifice, effort, and respect. We can talk about what love wants here until the morning, but as we can see, these are all items that you will ignore yourself, and all these items cause the end of relationships to end in frustration every time! Never compromise yourself in a way that does not limit the freedom of the other person, and if it does not benefit you in making a decision, do not accept it. If you are in front of someone who constantly asks you to make sacrifices, run away! The purpose of such men is nothing but looking for someone to babysit them.


While most men behave differently one day, they may be in a different mood the next day. If you are dealing with a completely unbalanced person, ‘You should never have to put up with it!’ If there is someone who constantly makes you unhappy and lowers your mood, you do not have to continue your relationship! This type of men like to play small games and remember that if he treats you like this, it is proof that he has you waiting in his pocket.

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Create a private space for yourself and your lover. Your lover’s instability may be related to being constantly together. It is especially necessary for couples to spend time talking with their friends from time to time. You don’t have to do everything together. Your hobbies and the sport you are interested in do not have to be the same! From time to time, draw lines where you can listen to yourself and do not cross these lines!

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