How to decorate the Christmas table? How are the Christmas tables prepared?

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We look forward to leaving a new year behind and welcoming a new year. Yes, the countdown has begun. Trees were decorated for the first night of the new year, and delicious dishes were prepared. Is there anything else you forgot? We think that on the first night of the new year, don’t you want to make your tables, which you prepared deliciously, look fancy, you can make a stylish decoration that night to make it different from other nights…

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You don’t need to allocate big budgets to get a charming elegance on your table at the night where you will spend a nice celebration all night long. You can achieve a stylish table with small touches. Here are the little tips that are indispensable for your New Year’s tables;

– The colors of tonight’s concept are of course red and green! We should focus on these colors in accordance with the theme of the New Year’s Eve. Vibrant red flowers or a green tablecloth might do the trick…

– Because the New Year’s tables set on New Year’s Eve represent abundance ”pomegranate” It is a fruit that represents the new year. In this case, you can also use pomegranate on your tables tonight.

– One of the accessories that represent winter and New Year’s Eve is the cone. You can place tiny cones on your Christmas tables. If you wish, you can paint your cones with a silvery silver or gold spray and use them in different colors.

– Since colors are in the foreground tonight, you can move away from simplicity and disrupt the harmony with your dinner plates and use different colors.

– You can use red or green ribbon details on your tables or chairs tonight.

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