How to increase testosterone level?

Although it is also found in women, the testosterone hormone produced by the testicles is generally associated with masculinity. Testosterone level plays an important role in male sexuality and reproduction. It also has an effect on hair growth, muscle mass, bone density and the level of red blood cells. A man’s testosterone level begins to decline over time as he reaches his 30s.

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If you notice a decrease in your libido or erection problems lately, a drop in your testosterone level may be the cause. . In addition, symptoms such as depressed mood, poor concentration and memory problems can also be seen as signs of a decrease in testosterone levels. In this case, it is useful to get support from a specialist to measure the testosterone level. In case of such a decrease, you can provide chemical support or increase your testosterone level with natural methods. Here are natural methods to increase your libido and solve your sexual problems…

Losing weight

Research conducted by the World Endocrine Society in 2012, shows that losing your excess weight will increase your testosterone levels. The trick is that men who are overweight have low testosterone levels, so they can increase this level by losing weight. Short-term intense exercises to lose weight can also help increase testosterone as well as prevent its decrease. However, prolonged and moderate exercise has no effect on your testosterone levels. At the same time, intermittent fasting also increases testosterone levels, along with many hormones, especially insulin, leptin, adiponectin.

Zinc and vitamin D

Zinc is a mineral that plays a very important role in testosterone production. Studies show that men who include zinc in their diet for 6 weeks have an increase in testosterone levels. Likewise, when zinc is not consumed, a decrease can be encountered. Vitamin D, which affects the steroid hormone , is very important in the formation of healthy sperm cells, as well as helping to increase the testosterone level. In addition, getting enough vitamin D has benefits such as increasing libido, sperm quality and number .

Relief from stress

When you are under extreme stress, your body releases cortisol, known as the stress hormone, at high levels. This hormone also inhibits the effect of testosterone. When under stress, it becomes more difficult to engage in testosterone-influencing social behaviors such as dating and competition. If you work in a job under extreme stress, how can you reduce job stress? You can check our article.

Changing eating habits

Excessive use of sugar, which raises insulin levels, also lowers testosterone levels. Research by the US Department of Agriculture shows that the average person consumes 2 tons of sugar in their lifetime. This is very harmful for both health and sexual life. In addition to removing sugar from the diet, adding healthy fats is also very beneficial. Especially avocado and hazelnut oils increase testosterone levels. Studies show that diets with less than 40 percent fat also have negative effects.


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