How to put on a condom?

The condom is a sheath that prevents the semen from the male genitalia from spilling into the vagina , which is the female genital organ . The condom, which is the easiest method in terms of accessibility, provides 95% protection. Since it is disposable, it cannot be used again after intercourse.


How to install?

  • First of all, you should be very careful when removing the condom from its packaging. If the condom is damaged, semen can get into the vagina during sexual intercourse.
  • After opening the condom, it is not loose, should be attached to the erect penis .
  • While wearing a condom, the air in the reservoir located at the tip of the condom should be discharged with a little pressure with the thumb and forefinger. If this air is not crushed, the risk of rupture may be higher.
  • The condom should cover the penis as much as possible. It should not only be at the end.
  • The penis and vagina should not come into contact without wearing a condom. Even if the penis comes into contact with the vagina before ejaculation, sperm cells may be present and there may be a risk of pregnancy.
  • In order to prevent the sperm cells from coming out due to the slipping of the condom, the penis should be pulled out of the vagina by holding the condom with the fingers before the penis loses its erection.
  • Single use only. It cannot be washed and reused.
  • Should be stored in a cold environment. Condoms left in a hot environment may break.
  • It is important to use products suitable for penis size.

Warning: People with latex allergy should never use condoms. In case of use, allergic reactions may occur.


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